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Understanding THE PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION to Accelerate Manifestations | 7 Hermetic Principles

The Human Collective
Published on 27 Nov 2022 / In Spiritual

Who wants to learn about The Principle of #Vibration, so you can use it to mindfully #manifest your optimal #reality, as quickly & effortlessly as possible, for the rest of your life?

This masterclass is gonna give you not only a deeper understanding of this principle, but how it relates to the other principles, as well as the #LawOfAttraction & the #LawOfAssumption.

Studying & understanding the ancient 7 #Hermetic Principles deeply, especially when you relate them to the #LoA's, will make you the literal master of your reality because you'll be able to work with the 7 #Spiritual Laws that govern our #Universe to consciously create whatever you want, whenever you want it.

If you'd like an overview of all 7 Hermetic Principles, check out this episode of the #Abundant Youniverse #Podcast (or anywhere you listen to podcasts):

And if you wanna sit in on, or even participate in, the live podcast recording (usually) every Friday at 4pm (ET), please join the free Abundant Youniverse Community here because it's the happenin' place to be:

But if you wanna transform your entire inner world in just 30 days flat, I'm SO EXCITED to introduce my newest mini-program starting on 1/2/23 & TWO AMAZING SOULS ARE ALREADY IN!!!

It's called Empowered & Embodied Youniverse 30-Day Journey, & by the end of January, you will actually see, feel, & experience the transformation in your thought patterns, & start seeing manifestations arrive without even having to focus on them specifically!

You'll also see a vast improvement in your overall self-concept, self-compassion, self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc., which will enhance every aspect of your life. 😍

This is the fast track to embodying more of who you REALLY are, more of your true power, & here's how we're gonna do it:

1. #Science backed daily exercises to reprogram your thoughts & rewire your brain as quickly & safely as possible (I've never taught these methods in any other program).

2. Weekly group coaching calls for individual guidance & support.

3. Private community to connect with & support one another, so we can all cheer each other on! Plus, you can also ask me questions & get my support there anytime.

SO much growth happens in group programs because everyone learns from each other, which makes it possible to see things from a different perspective! (And that makes your RAS start filtering in NEW information you never had access to before.)

🤯 And here are the BONUSES:

1. Meditations to help you step into your power & embody your ideal self even faster.

2. Sacred Love Codes Activation download + any other activations I'm guided to do during our 30 days together.

3. Any clearing & healing sessions I’m guided to do as we go, because I’ll be able to channel specifically for THIS group.

4. Custom affirmations.

5. Rampages.

6. And any specific channeled messages that come through for the group + anything else I'm guided to do during it.

The full investment AFTER the "early bird special" is over will be $1777…

BUT, because YOU are ready to change your entire reality right now, you can get in for just $1333 this week only!!! 🤯

Reserve your spot here:

Full transparency: When I was guided to do this, I felt a little weird because I don’t like manufactured urgency, but my perspective shifted because this actually gives people with a smaller budget a better chance of being able to join us, so that’s why I’m doing an early bird special this week.

And it’s also why I offer certain “buy now, pay later” options. Your current budget shouldn’t be a barrier to reprogramming your thoughts so that you never have to budget again! 💥

This is gonna be next level, & I can't wait to see everyone's transformations in just one month, because I've never done anything this powerful before! Get ready for MASSIVE SHIFTS to kick off 2023! 🤩

Or if you're interested in one of the two 1:1 spots I have left at my 2022 investment price, please feel free to contact me for a no-pressure chat.

Holler if you need anything!

DM me on Facebook:

EMAIL me: [email protected]

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