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UN MAN and Biosphere by Davis Gatewood.wmv

Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson - 161 Views
Published on 17 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

GET Ready to MOVE to the Stack em and Pack em' as the road-less re-wilding is implemented to be collateral for the Spending Spree that is D.C. to continue Perpetually and you shall not question it? (see 14th Amendment? 1980s BRUNTLAND REPORT ) (PARDON the TONE at the beginning it was intended to be distributed out to Access Channels 1998/99 ) ... Simply collapse the credit of local governments, shut off utilities , restrict off grid tech to scientists observing and helping gaia with her re-wilding. Let Nicolas Cage take you to 'eden'.... A Norm Davis presentation introduced by Gatewood Galbreth from Summer of 1998, if I recall, SO some info is a bit out of date much still applies! Simple single camera analog video, good relevant information. see or www.takebackkentucky. com, anyway I do have more of these longer productions I am hoping to upload like "WHOSE FORREST IS IT ANYWAY and the Hemp Vs. pot "the way I see it" series. STAY TUNED . . .

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