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Ukrainian air forces blew up the Russian Kramatorsk military airport in eastern region! RUSSIA UKRAI

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 25 May 2022 / In News and Politics

Hey Everyone welcome to my channel Trending Military News. The war in Ukraine is experiencing a new turning point this week. After the loss of the Russian flagship Misquah in the Black Sea, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force and International Legion increased their offensive in eastern Ukraine. Dozens of Russian attacks were repulsed. Crematorium airport in the city of Donetsk occupied by Russian troops, was subjected to powerful missile attacks by the Ukrainian Air Force. The Ukrainian Air Force was reported to have fired at least three missiles at Kramatorsk Airport. Powerful explosions occurred in the area, but the extent of the damage is currently unknown. These attacks of the Ukrainian Air Force are still unexpected by Russia, and while Russia is trying to seize the eastern Ukraine and its be planned, it seems to be much more difficult than the first stage and make strategic mistakes. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports that Russia lost at least 20,000 soldiers around 3000 armored vehicles and around 500 aircraft in Ukraine. However, Russia seems to be seeking revenge after the loss of Moskva and heavy bombardments of eastern Ukrainian cities are reported. Russian heavy bombers hover over Ukrainian cities. In addition, Russia recently bombed the Western Polish border city of Lviv with missiles. This move alarmed Eastern European and NATO countries. Over the past few days, US Air Force B52 strategic bombers have flown close over Poland over the borders of Russia and Belarus.
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