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UGETube | The Platform for Everyone

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Published on 18 Aug 2018 / In News and Politics

As the left-leaning platforms continue to crack down on everyone that does not share the same beliefs. It is crucial that we fight back. is providing a home for everyone but more importantly the ones who are having their first amendment rights trampled on by the tech left!

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Caseyisdabomb 3 years ago

Love it!!

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Micah 5 years ago

Are monetization analytics coming?

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Budget Guns
Budget Guns 5 years ago

Thank you for this platform sir! I have been away from video making for about 6 months and will be getting back to business in the next few days. I personally can't thank you enough. I will certainly be featuring you in my "I'm back" video that I will be posting on my YouTube channel. I can assure you I will be sending as many of my channel friends here as I possibly can. My goal is to make this my primary platform. Thank you again sir, and I look forward to seeing this platform grow and give even more voices the chance to be heard!

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Shark Chaser
Shark Chaser 5 years ago

Thank you, on behalf of the entire UGETube Team!

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Richard Crisman Jr
Richard Crisman Jr 5 years ago

Thank you

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WHITE CIVIL RIGHTS 1 5 years ago


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