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U.S. New F-35 Fighter Armed With Deadliest Nuclear Bomb Ever

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Published on 05 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

The F-35 Might Be the Deadliest Nuclear Bomber Ever

Late last year at the Tonopah Test Range, a flat, dusty area 160 miles northwest of Las Vegas, an F-35 flying at supersonic speed dropped a B61-12 nuclear bomb onto the desert floor at an altitude of 10,500 feet.

The B61 is one of just two free-falling or “dumb” bombs that the United States currently keeps as is the smaller of the two. And, though both are nuclear, the B61 is more accurate than the larger B83, making the B61 more of a scalpel than a sword. The smaller explosive force of the B61 makes it more of a tactical weapon and would offer more operational flexibility due in part to the lower amount of nuclear fallout the bomb would create and the more precise nature of its explosion.

“This was the first test to exercise all systems, including mechanical, electrical, communication and release between the B61-12 and the F-35A,” Steven Samuels, a manager with Sandia’s B61-12 Systems Team, added. “The latest test is a critical piece in the F-35A and B61-12 program."

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