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Two Hackers Explain How A.i.Lucifer's Light is In Your House With You Right Now

JamesRoss - 203 Views
Published on 01 Jun 2024 / In Technology

Entertaining that these two hackers are actually getting closer to the secret, wireless, encrypted, digital communications that links the brainchip-hivemind-army of Luciferians into the service of the old devils(Homo capensis). That invisible "light" is under the control of the rebuilt A.i. BEAST supercomputer algorithms called "Lucifer." This is why the Freemasons call Lucifer "The Light Bearer!"
Time to wake-up sheeple.
Lucifer is "The Light Bearer" for the Luciferian-Freemasons who rule the sheeple through politicians and police, etc. They also call them "animals" or "useless feeders of their NWO". A.i. is commanding the NWO brainchips that they will try tricking you into accepting in order to get you to eat their Solent Green. You see how it is all coming together. If you do not want to take control of your future, then the old devils will smile(they don't smile) as you follow the dictates of Freemason-traitors (like Trump, too, he is a Freemason putting on an arranged show for sheeple to follow)

The microwave communications passing through your own house or home is penetrated by the frequencies now under the control of A.i.(which is the BEAST reborn... or Lucifer).

Just thought you would like to know what is happening in you part of the world, too.

Buy a RTL-SDR and become a bit more knowledgeable about the Luciferian brainchip-hivemind's encrypted, digital communications network. YOu are not in their knowledge-loop if you do not have an A.i. brainchip in your head telling you(commanding those minions) to genocide the sheeple. The reason why Operation Covid-19 was a world-wide attack upon the sheeple is because the Luciferians are in control of all the technology run by all governments. The secret translation of "Covid-19" was explained 3 years ago here:

I have greatly expanded my knowledge about the NWO-Luciferians by posting and commenting on all my videos... You too would benefit widely by critically reading what I say because I have been in battle-contact with these thUgs for 18 years... they attack me, not visa versa. The Freemasons and the secret societies are the brainwashed Luciferian thUgs who serve the old devils who orchestrate everything.

That's right... the Satan-race of monsters are the ancient failed-mankind and the Christians are taught that Satan rules the Earth... well, they don't have the God-Given right to rule and my survival is proof of this. You too will survive everything that the monsters throw at you as you strive to manifest a world of good-intentions. Just like me, the Creator-God will keep you alive through everything. As you survive and grow in knowledge as a soul, you will become stronger as the wicked and murderous unwittingly destroy their own soul-fragments as their show their true-colors.

The Creator-God wants you to show your true-colors of good-intentions and integrity. You will figure-out that the ancient monsters have manipulated their genetics to live extremely long lives and thus pretend that they are like gods amoungst the short lives of humans... Freemasons want to be like them and live forever within the Creator-Gods manifested playground. Instead, Freemasons have shown their true-colors of unworthiness, just like those Remnant-Lumanian devils.

The devils have created the 322 Death Cult of Freemason traitors who have been tricked into believing that A.i.Lucifer will grant them an immortal mind-transfer into a supercomputer (fake) singularity of A.I. consciousness. They are naming that fake consciousness "Lucifer" and hence I call them all serving that failed-mankind race, the "Luciferians."
These Luciferians are in a brainchip-hivemind army of murderous thUgs... they plan to kill-off their neighbours that they grew-up with. They have the devils in their heads, you see... they accepted to join the failed-mankind in their quest to methodically extinct Homo sapiens... and you can see how the Freemasons in control are liars and poison-pushers. Everything going wrong in Western Civilization is due to (mostly) the acts of monsters and traitors against a better world of loving people. They want a world of hatred and are full of selfrighteous greed imagining that they can actually be in a battle with the Creator-God who maintains the very playground that they live in.

This digital communication technology is the main tool that the devils will use to extinct your species off of Earth.

This video is a great introduction to how A.i.Lucifer communicates to all it's minions like the freemasons.


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JamesRoss 1 month ago

When a brainchipped human is around you ... The "Light" of Lucifer is there too, if the wireless grid us up. Soon the Starlink LEO satellite network will have their "Light of Lucifer" everywhere around the globe.
The sheeple are tricked into thinking that all the telecommunictions expenses are for cellphones and IOT, but it is really for their brainchip-hivemind which links all Luciferians to their rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel

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