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Twitter Files #15, Biden Home No Visitor Logs, Hunter Paid 50K Rent, Cardinal Pell Dead

Published on 17 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

In Twitter files #15 I read Lee Feng's account of how the pharmaceutical industry put pressure on Twitter and others to censor and shape content around Covid 19 and vaccine policy. Benjamin Fulford alleges McCarthy will soon take Joe Biden's place after he is removed along with Kamala Harris. He also says neither Trump nor Biden will be President, McCarthy for a time will be, is this correct or more disinformation? Joe Biden white house claims there's no visitor logs for Biden's Delaware beach home where he spent 25% of his time as President. Were outsiders granted access to this home and did they have access to any classified documents that may have been unsecured in that home. Why are there no records of who Biden met at his home and do there need to be records kept of who visits the President wherever he or she happens to be? Did the deep state turn on Biden? It appears so as CNN pundits and even MSNBC begin to become critical of Biden and his past actions. MSM outlets demand to know guaranteed Sam Bankman Fried's 250 million dollar bond? Why did Hunter Biden pay for repairs done to his father's house? Why did he pay almost 50 thousand dollars a month for one of his llc's Owasco to rent the home where Joe Biden's car was kept? Cardinal George Pell dies, former Vatican CFO whose abuse conviction was overturned dies at the age of 81. Autopsy for Lisa Marie Presley awaiting toxicology report. Pope fuels rumors he may quit. New York Mayor Adams brands Biden's border crisis a disaster demands 2 billion dollars after allowing 40,000 illegal aliens to flood into New York City. Italy catches notorious gangster wanted for 30 years. Authorities arrested Matteo Messina Denaro at a medical clinic after he got a cancer screening. Ex Virginia police chief accused of covering up sex trafficking ring. Did the CIA back "zero units" in Afghanistan? It appears so. Why was Hunter Biden paying Joe so much money to rent a house for? Was it money laundering? Attorney sues judge who dismissed the Kari Lake trial. Beetle burgers to hit mass production. Is big tech attacking the human beings dopamine system? Class action lawsuit against Twitter blocked. Generation Z flees traditional social media. Preacher kicked out of mall of America for wearing "Jesus Saves" t-shirt. Romania extradites suspected Hell's Angel leader on drug charges. More news.

(Twitter Files #15 How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy)

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