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Truth by Billie Beene E1-230 90121 Pres T-JFK Jr Soon!/J Strand/Gene Decode-Kabul/God's Intel App'd!

TruthbyBillieBeene - 1,068 Views
Published on 02 Sep 2021 / In People and Blogs

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Refs: God, Bible, Patriot Subscribers + Scott McKay, Pryme Minister, Negative 48, Mike Morales, Israeli News Live Steven Ben-nun
Beforeits news - ShariRaye - Huge Aug Intel
Judy Byington
Mike Penny
Shari Raye Big New Trump Intel!
Sarge - Linda Paris
Gene Decode-Cirstenw

Playlist: Truth by Billie Beene Alien Disclosure by a Redneck

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Morgan Hull
Morgan Hull 2 months ago

Utsava said JFK Jr. would be VICE President.

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MoralitySheriff17 2 months ago

if you followed Q and President Trump closely you'd know that logic proves Jr is alive and has been working closely with President Trump for 20+ years on this. First Trump proof of jr being alive comes on Larry King live in oct of 99 at the end of the show. And the proofs continue today. logic is truth. i'll blow you away with all the proofs brother.

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Unreconstructed 2 months ago

This woman is nuts. Did everyone forget that JFK jr. was a freaking lefty? Aside from the fact that JFK jr. became fish food long ago, I doubt he is the savior of the country who is " waiting in the wings '.

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