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Truth About Shakahola & The Jesus Christians

Barry J Pintu
Barry J Pintu - 160 Views
Published on 27 Nov 2023 / In Film and Animation

This video exposes the lies that are being told about the Jesus Christians in relation to the Shakahola Incident in Kenya.

In April of 2023 news shocked the world when it was discovered that many people had died apparently by fasting to death in Shakahola, Kenya.

The deaths were said to be linked to a man called Paul Mackenzie who had previously set up a ministry called Good News International. As the investigation continued, authorities announced that more than 400 people had died, many of them women and children, and that there was evidence that showed that people who wanted to leave the group and not fast, were physically restrained and even killed by a group of "enforcers".

The authorities eventually set up a Senate Ad-Hoc Committee to investigate the Shakahola incident. Shockingly, apparently after months of investigation, they recommended that all foreigners belonging to the Jesus Christians and who promote our teachings and videos should be expelled from Kenya and barred from the country, based on certain information they had "been availed of".

However, in this video, we not only clearly show that the information on which the Senate Ad-Hoc Committee is basing their decision, is false, misleading and has been maliciously designed to persecute the Jesus Christians, but we also reveal that the defamatory paragraph can be directly traced to a Kenyan blogger who, in turn, may have received the information from an overseas source.

This is a clear case of religious vilification and persecution which should be thoroughly investigated, prosecuted and resolved.

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