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Trump’s Lawyer Uses Video Montage of Dems to Absolutely DESTROY Their Case.mp4

DarlnDar - 284,051 Views
Published on 12 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics



Trump's lawyer David Schoen just played a DEVASTATING video montage of Democrats and their incitements of violence which blows apart their entire impeachment case. WATCH Trump Lawyer EXPOSE Dems for playing manipulated video of Capitol Riot ⬇️​

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TheFreedomProject2020 8 months ago  

EPIC!!! The hypocrisy is BLATANT!!! They are the farthest from the "tolerant" ideology they incessantly virtue signal themselves to be! It's is time to Abolish and Replace this disgusting system! It is our sacred Right and Duty!!

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Englishelley 2 months ago

He brought out the Luciferians which is wonderful! We know who they are, well some of them!

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biddolf 5 months ago

Proof the demonrats are THE ENEMY OF THE COUNTRY AND THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. Why are they still in office?

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themadteabagger 5 months ago

bring those riots to my town and we will make the rooftop Koreans look like boy scouts!

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trueamerican4me 7 months ago

Trump's Lawyers were AWESOME! God bless them!

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Systheguy 8 months ago

The Democraps (or better named the Communists in the U.S.) are the enemies of We the People. These cretins are financed and directed by the International Zionists. Their goal is a psychotic controlled, tyrannical new world order sort of government. ALL of the International Zionists are the willing servants of Satan and they SHOULD ALL be right now in the VERY SAME VERY HOT PLACE that has been reserved for Satan himself.

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