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🔴Trump Gets INCREDIBLE NEWS! | Fani Willis HIT with new charges

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 21 May 2024 / In News and Politics

🔴BREAKING: Judge Merchan BUSTED in collusion against Trump | Rep Dan Goldman funding judges daughter
- **Helicopter Crash Involving Iranian Leaders**:
- Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian died in a helicopter crash.
- Initial speculations of assassination due to Gaza tensions.
- Confirmed as likely an accident; pilot blinded by thick fog.

- **Profile of Ebrahim Raisi**:
- Early career as deputy prosecutor of Tehran.
- Known as “Butcher of Tehran” for his role in executing thousands of political prisoners.
- Prisoners mostly pro-democracy, advocating gender equality, and Western relations.

- **International Criminal Court and Benjamin Netanyahu**:
- ICC prosecutor requested arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
- Accusations against Israel for causing civilian suffering.
- Netanyahu and Hamas leaders summoned for crimes against humanity; unlikely to comply.

- **Palestinian Evacuation and Rafah**:
- 800,000 Palestinians evacuated from Rafah due to Israeli invasion threats.
- Discovery of 50 cross-border tunnels used for weapon smuggling from Egypt.

- **Donald Trump’s “Hush Money” Trial**:
- Trial nearing end; Michael Cohen admits to overcharging Trump $30,000.
- Cohen’s credibility questioned due to past felonies.
- Defense argues lack of evidence against Trump; crime committed by Cohen, not Trump.

- **Laura Loomer’s Exposé**:
- Rep. Dan Goldman and Rep. Mikie Sherrill linked to payments to Judge Merchan’s daughter.
- Payments raise concerns of bias in Trump’s trial.

- **Trump’s Campaign and NRA Speech**:
- Trump campaigns on the Second Amendment; criticizes Democrats for rights infringement.
- During NRA speech, contrasts his indictments with Al Capone’s.

- **Joe Biden’s Misstatements**:
- Biden incorrectly claims he was Vice President during the pandemic.
- Speculation about Biden’s use of performance-enhancing drugs for debates.

- **DA Fani Willis Allegations**:
- Alleged misappropriation of $2 million meant for sexual assault victim aid.
- Funds reportedly used for luxury vacations.

- **Rep. Jasmine Crockett and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Dispute**:
- Crockett calls Greene racist for commenting on her fake eyelashes.
- Argument over misuse of the term “racist.”

- **Ukraine Conscription Law**:
- New conscription law lowers draft age from 27 to 25.
- Offers incentives like cash bonuses and housing/car down payments to new conscripts.

- **Closing Remarks**:
- Encouragement for viewers to subscribe and stay informed.
- Appreciation for viewer support in a competitive news environment.

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