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Trump and Jew Mark Levin on the 'Vaccine'.mp4

ziggy784 - 168 Views
Published on 09 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

The GingerBread Zionist is a1% Club Sewer Rat

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goosegatherer 1 month ago

The phizer jabs were available in 2018 so please end this massive lie , and WE know this from the videos where the info on the boxes showed very clearly the date of manufacture as 2018. WE KNOW the scam was already to go in 2017 , WE KNOW that millions of face masks were paid for by many countries in 2017 ,the video is available showing the dates, the countries , the number of masks purchased so stop the lies WE KNOW... so mr. T is lying to us when he claims he was responsible for the injections....because if he wishes to claim that issue then HE is also responsible for ALL THE DEATHS of the thousand who have died from having Graphene Oxide pumped into their bodies when Graphene Oxide is a known toxin.

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