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Trump's "I Did It My Way" (Tribute)

The Crazy Conservative
The Crazy Conservative - 823,263 Views
Published on 10 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

If you haven't seen this, it's Trump's newest commercial. It is remarkable! Be sure to watch it all. It gave me chills and hope. We need to pray for this man and our country.
Share, if you will. It may be the only way it will reach We, the People.

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The Crazy Conservative
The Crazy Conservative 2 years ago  

Here is a link to the Sinatra version

Here is a link to a "Elvis" version

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Scaf121 16 days ago

Wake the F up, trump is one of them

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Both Biden and Trump are trying to start a civil war between the Democrats and the Republicans. If violent breaks out Biden will use this as a reason to declare Marshall Law and bring in UN troops that will fire on both groups. So don't take the bait!
What I hear over and over is that Trump must be a white hat because the MSM is always criticizing him. But since most people believe that the MSM produces fake news and can’t be trusted so what they say only strengthens Trump’s following. If the MSM really wanted to sink Trump’s political career they would use material from this post.

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dynorex 1 month ago

Fuck Trump, he started operation warp speed. He was and is complicit to the use of these untested vaxxes. What, he had a change of mind? give me a break. He and Biden are on the same page. WTFU. The answer is not political. It is standing up and being somebody, or hide behind Trump like a huge wuss.

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/tes timo nyo fthet wowi tnes ses/ blogspot , will tell you different.

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White Lives Matter 1776

Trump done a bright spotlight on the illegal alien invasion, both in America and throughout Western Civilization. We should not forget his accomplishments.

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