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Trump's "I Did It My Way" (Tribute)

The Crazy Conservative
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Published on 10 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

If you haven't seen this, it's Trump's newest commercial. It is remarkable! Be sure to watch it all. It gave me chills and hope. We need to pray for this man and our country.
Share, if you will. It may be the only way it will reach We, the People.

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berethon 4 hours ago

Trump WALKED after his inauguration in the streets while Biden is cowering in WH and basements

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WhiteWings1776 9 hours ago

Trump when America felt like America. God Bless you POTUS Trump we will always love you and be grateful for all you did Sir. Thank you.??❤️?

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Libertybelle24 1 day ago

First time I saw this video I literally cried. I loved President Trump. He was the best president of my lifetime. My thoughts now are God help America.

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The Crazy Conservative

I agree whole heartedly

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Peaceful Waterss
Peaceful Waterss 1 hour ago

I cried too and I'm from Canada. I don't believe he's done, he's got a Trump card yet to play!

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smk369 1 day ago

Im just going to say it I MISS TRUMP beside the politics he and his family were part of mine. I know the right thing is to love but I'm sorry after seeing Hunter video(of many) Im so sick thinking this is now who's our leader? no no no TRUMP WE NEED YOU, WE WANT YOU BACK BECAUSE YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAD TO GO BUT UNDERSTAND IT HAD TO BE THIS WAY SO THE NEW WOULD BE NONE OF THE OLD SO YES WE ARE ALL READY and I want your beautiful family back too

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Charlie 2 days ago

The End is Near so very near indeed. LOL

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