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Trudeau Must Go - Few Good Choices

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Published on 17 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

The FORTY YEAR MEDIA Cover-Up Of Pierre, Justin and Alex Trudeau’s Dedication To Communism

A well known adage remains universal: “History is made by the winners.” When considering the history of Canada, nowhere is this concept more applicable then when one considers the legacy of our country’s “first family”— that of Pierre Trudeau, and his family offspring.

In truth, the Trudeau Family of Quebec— Pierre as patriarch, as well as sons Justin and Alexandre Trudeau— have been surrounded by a teflon wall of public protection for over forty years.

Naturally, this could never have been accomplished without an element essential to the subterfuge— establishment media complicity— in particular, by way of government-funded media “partner,” Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC).

Upon stripping away this protective shell, what can be revealed contains enough nefarious material to fill a local community library.

1971-2021: Fifty Years Of Multicultural Damage To Anglophone Canadians

The year 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of multiculturalism in Canada. It’s founder, ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, entrenched diversity ideology within our society in the year 1971.

Beginning its existence as non-legislated social theory, multiculturalism became institutionalized in 1988 with the passing of the Multicultural Act of Canada.

One reason to take a critical look at this nation-transforming phenomenon is simple: it has never been done before. This in itself is one of Canada’s great mysteries.

Next to immigration to Canada, multicultural policy is the most socially transformative piece of legislation in history. Odd it is that the number of critiques within media in the past half-century can be counted on one hand— or perhaps less.

Angry Canadians Literally Chase ‘Woke Idiot’ Justin Trudeau Out of Town

Canadians have finally had enough of their ‘liberal’ authoritarian leader Justin Trudeau.

A crowd of angry Canadians literally chased Prime Minister Justin Trudeau out of a campaign event in British Columbia for being a ‘woke idiot.’

Trudeau Called “Communist F**k” While Posing For Selfie

Masked Canadian PM scurries away after being called out as Marxist petty tyrant.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was called a “Communist f*ck” by a man who pretended to want to take a picture with him.

A masked Trudeau was seen posing with a man who initially seemed excited to take a picture with him, but that changed quickly when the man unleashed the slur, prompting Trudeau to quickly walk away.

A man poses for a selfie with Justin Trudeau and calls him a “commie f*ck.”

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) August 28, 2021

Trudeau Confirms He’s All-In On ‘Great Reset’, Communist Agenda for Canada

The ‘Reset’ was once considered a conspiracy theory but evidence of it being a very real rollout of a communist agenda for Western countries has surfaced in recent months.

The movement has been widely promoted by the World Economic Forum throughout 2020 under the name ‘The Great Reset’. It is also widely known as the United Nations 2030 agenda.

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