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Transforming Lives: Pursuing Jesus Christ, Shedding the Old Self, and Embracing Spiritual Growth

SJWellFire: Final Days Report
Published on 13 Apr 2024 / In Spiritual

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Strong Message Today about Pursuing Christ
Brother Larry's message emphasizes the importance of pursuing Jesus Christ with diligence and intentionality, likening it to running a race. He draws from Ephesians 4 to highlight the need to shed the "old self" and embrace righteousness and holiness in Christ. Larry emphasizes the importance of truthfulness, controlling anger, avoiding stealing and unwholesome talk, and practicing forgiveness and compassion. He urges listeners to focus on spiritual growth through reading, listening to sermons, meditating on the word, Christ's return, and salvation's cost. He emphasizes God's sovereignty and encourages trust and faith amidst life's challenges, ending with a call to surrender to God and trust in His love and care.

Pursuing Jesus Christ, Running the race of faith, Shedding the old self, Righteousness and holiness in Christ, Truthfulness and integrity, Anger management, Avoiding stealing and unwholesome talk, Practicing forgiveness and compassion, Spiritual growth, Reading Christian books, Listening to sermons, Meditating on heaven and Christ's return, Salvation's cost, God's sovereignty, Trusting God in challenges, Surrendering to God's love and care

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