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Top 10 Guns for Teachers

GodFamilyAndGuns - 261,821 Views
Published on 06 Apr 2018 / In Firearms

As schools consider arming teachers and staff, we believe these are the top guns for the job.

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SliceOfLife 1 year ago

When people carry, the criminals and the insane face a rude awakening..... we will not be slaughtered sheep. I will always carry to defend myself and family when necessary and also the public.... hope I am never in this position, but I am ready if it happens. Responsible Carry.

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Tech Nuze
Tech Nuze 1 year ago

@SliceOfLife same here; never want to have to pull that trigger on anyone but I will in self defense if it comes down to that.

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Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee 2 years ago

We need more teachers be allowed to carry on school ground, and more Western Nations allow their people to carry. We don't have a gun problem in America.

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Zackary Randalls
Zackary Randalls 2 years ago

Uvalde shows the need for teachers to have guns to defend themselves and their students.

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Redwarfa 2 years ago

Just read a heap of the comments.I was right ,you yanks are mad

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Redwarfa 3 years ago

Am i wrong.Do you claim to be christian ,yet you fail to obey"thou shall not kill"

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