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TikTok Lookalike Guides Illegal Chinese Immigrants to Swarm Into US Through Southern Border| Trailer

Published on 01 May 2023 / In News and Politics

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What do the border crisis and TikTok have in common? Recently, there has been a surge in Chinese nationals massing at the U.S. southern border. Many are skipping the treacherous trek other illegal immigrants face. But how are they doing it? They’re getting tips from Douyin, China’s TikTok. Both apps share the same parent company, Bytedance.

Topics in this episode:

1. TikTok Lookalike Guides Illegal Chinese Immigrants to Swarm into U.S. Through Southern Border
2. Business Owners and Believers: Details on Chinese Illegal Immigrants at Border
3. S. Korean President Addresses U.S. Congress
4. China Backs N. Korea with Weapons to Distract the West: Newsham on 5. Nuclear Threat on the Korean Peninsula
6. House Passes Bill Urging China to Release Swidan
7. ‘No Decoupling’ from China: Biden Advisor
8. China’s Belt and Road Initiative Investments Stall as Tension in Sudan Escalates
9. Concerns Over Chinese Official at UK Coronation
10. Together We Are Strong Against Autocracies: Rep. Costa

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TikTok Lookalike Guides Illegal Chinese Immigrants to Swarm Into US Through Southern Border | Trailer

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mar a lago : sea at lake

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