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THIS is what the Jews DID do - The History Of Rothschilds

pacmanpacks - 248 Views
Published on 02 Jun 2023 / In News and Politics

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Clips used from:

1) The House of the Red Shield Rothschilds

2) How The Banks Work And Why They Are Collapsing

3) The American Dream

4) Vinnie Paz - End of Days feat. Block McCloud

5) MC Ma'at - Puppet Master Massacre

6) My own anti-NWO song




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anoncoward 4 months ago

You full of deception..
Those who say they are Jews but are not.. so again, you lump them all together. Not one of you has read a Bible or can decipher the simple statements Jesus Christ made.

Book of John Tells you what a TRUE JEW is described:

Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite INDEED, in whom is NO GUILE! (Guile is deception/cunning/duplicity).

You need to stop being the dumbest people in the room. Our country is in this shape because of YOU!! Your greed, your lusts, your hatred for others. You elect officials who further your agenda instead of the good of this country. You're weak.

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pacmanpacks 4 months ago

FUCK YOU AND GO HOME TO YOUR FATHER SATAN you moron... drink human blood and eat his flesh and worship your mind control motherfucker, just know you worship Freemasonic EVIL 100% Jesus IS Lucifer, the morning star JUST LIKE HE SAY IN THE FUCKING BIBLE !!!

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