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Third Turkey Earthquake, NZ Egg Factory Fire, AZ Rancher Shoots Illegal Alien, Joint Base Andrews Intruder

Published on 07 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

A third earthquake has hit in Turkey. New Zealand egg factory fire kills 75,000 hens. Investigators zero in on Biden aide with links to Hunter in docs scandal. Former Vice Chair of the District of Columbia Police union arrested for fraud. Leaked Pfizer documents shows that embattled employee Jordan Trishton Walker, who appeared in a Project Veritas video, is still employed at Pfizer. Arizona rancher shoots illegal alien on his property 100-150 yards from his home, held on 1 million dollars bail. Intruder breaches Joint Base Andrews, second time in two years. Trans lives matter protesters take over Oklahoma capitol to protest bill criminalizing the genital mutilation of minors. Democrat James Clyburn's campaign paid his grandson over 86,000 dollars in "management fees. Why is it legal for politicians to pay family members from campaign funds? Is this another grey area of politics that needs to be changed? Why would China use a spy balloon to spy on the U.S. instead of a satellite? Here's how much U.S. farmland has been bought up by China, 338,000 acres. North Dakota city council votes down Fufeng Groups plan to build corn mill close to top secret base after United States Air Force chief warned its a threat to national security. Joe Biden to visit Poland later this month. Binance crypto exchange will suspend U.S. dollar transfers beginning February 8th. U.S. military recovered some remnants of blown up "spy balloon." FBI arrests two in alleged attempt to take down Baltimore's power grid. Rothschild family to take Paris listed investment bank private. Elon Musk says the Global Engagement Center (GEC) is involved in government censorship. U.S. trade deficit surges to record high 950 Billion dollars. Migrants given free bus tickets and are leaving New York City to go to Canada. More news.

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gang 2 months ago

rothschild is franz gotthard granson, gehlen son, edward kent brother, tony blair and kate uncle

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