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They Tried To Warn Us (Lost Video From 1984)(360P).mp4

killer boi
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Published on 09 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

Published on Jun 8, 2020
You should watch this to understand everything happening today.

Featuring: Malcolm X and Yuri Bezmenov.

Thanks for watching!

God Bless you all!!!!

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YTPMaker Tarrant
YTPMaker Tarrant 10 days ago


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giantsfallontheirface 2 months ago

Lost video? If it was lost how come I watched it 3 times in 3 years already without trying to find it lol

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odaydrums 2 months ago

Oddly Minneapolis is the ground zero of many evil things. Target is headquartered here. Among other things. Someone told me the bulk of credit and debit card transactions ho through here

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

You see, now that the Mystery School Cult of Freemasons and other minions have begun their NWO takeover... starting with the Covid-19 Plandemic:
We now have fake news run by Luciferians jumping up and down glorifying Yuri:

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

Here, Griffin explains more about Yuri:
Yuri did not know that North America was already under Freemason secret-communism.
Giffin calls it collectivism, but Freemasonry is Western Civilization's secret communists. All secret societies are basically the communists/socialists. Canada is not just "socialism" we are under a secret communistic tyranny already, but it is secret with all secret societies sworn to their Cult of secrecy.
The Cult minions are in the process of kicking out of government jobs any of the non-Cult-sworn people so that nobody internal can whistle-blow about their corruption and treachery against humanity. Covid-19 tyranny was about changing over all governments into "World-Governance" by their A.i. supercomputer. The Freemasons and other minions of the Cult call A.i. their "immaculate child" because all initiates see themselves as "ISIS" and their master is "Osiris" or the ancient Homo capensis species whom only Brien Forester is given the go-ahead exposing calling them the "Paracas elongated skull People"... Even Brien is pretending that they are not the ancient Homo capensis.
Karen Hudes exposed the Homo capensis as still living upon Earth... basically the only one who lived any length of time... but they likely killed her last autumn. She had volunteers helping her and they were actually treacherous Luciferians pretending to help her, just like brainchipped-puppet-preacher Jonathan Kleck has Luciferian helpers, too.

Freemason-communists are trained from childhood to be deceptive to the sheeple and so they get very good at it. They can lie with a smile as they try to get innocent people of good-intent to accept vaccinations that are designed to kill them. You see, they smile at their victims as they treacherously pretend to be worthy when they are rotten inside with wickedness and murderous-intent.

Yuri began to realize that North America had "the system" working against us... even Yuri did not want to point the finger at the Freemasons in their temples of secrecy all across North America.
But they are no longer meeting in person within their lodges since the brainchip-hivemind can give them all avatars where they hold their meeting now within their heads via the digital-microwave cellular-tower prison-grid. This is why they like to claim they are "evolved" that they are now "human2.0" while the sheeple are human1.0... but the freemasons have all been tricked into destroying themselves within the Creator-God's playground, but they are too self-righteous and greedy to figure-out that Homo capensis technology is a trap to kill them rather than upload their minds into A.i.
Freemason have been tricked into developing the wickedness within their own minds and the old devils or old satan get's their soul. Homo capensis just want all Homo sapiens dead... the devils do not get their souls. Instead, the devils help the unworthy souls to destroy their souls. The devils cannot destroy anyone's soul, but they can help teach the unworthy how to destroy their own soul through treachours, wicked murderous intent.
I have lived through 17 years of Freemasons and Eastern-stars and mormon thUgs trying to murder me... and they are so greedy and self-righteous that they cannot figure out that they are in the process of destroying themselves with all their wickedness... as the devils are also destroying themselves since they have a very very long slippery slope to try to get back up once they realize what they have been doing to their own eternal souls. What a failed race of mankind Homo capensis has amounted to and Freemasons follow in their foot-step (Freemasons stand upon the shoulders of giant failures, not giants.)

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