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They Tried To Warn Us (Lost Video From 1984)(360P).mp4

killer boi
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Published on 09 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

Published on Jun 8, 2020
You should watch this to understand everything happening today.

Featuring: Malcolm X and Yuri Bezmenov.

Thanks for watching!

God Bless you all!!!!

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SaraStevens 9 hours ago

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7NoSaint 3 days ago

Quite prophetic. Except Mr Bezmenov is no Nostradamus, he's just a smart guy with lots of experience and knowledge on the in and outs of 'propaganda', regardless where its coming from. What he describes has already taken place. Peace, love and appreciation.

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LadyLiberty4U 5 days ago

I first saw this video when I was collecting any and all videos by G. Edward Griffin, downloading from "Bulletin Boards" (BBSs) in the late 80s. I later found it on the fledgling YT service. It had thousands of views, so I thought there were a lot of others who were awake & aware like me. I'd been bashed, shunned, ostracized, and maligned for my attempts to enlighten others (always in person; there was no such thing as "social media" until recently) since 1983 when I stumbled upon the truth about the "satanic ritual pedophilia cults".
Sad to say, if DJT and the military are counting on more people "waking up" I believe that they'll be sorely disappointed. I believe, in my experience, that what Mr. Bezmenov said is the absolute truth: Most people aren't going to wake up until somebody drops an "in your face" truth bomb on their heads!
Another thing, it was this interview that enlightened me to the viewpoint of how the "Elites" --as I called them; you may call them the Cabal-- view their own "infiltrators", "helpers", agent provocateurs, traitorous insiders, etc.: "They" view them as not only expendable but a possible liability due to some of them being *ideologically* fixated on the Big Lie they've been sold and that they, in turn, have been promulgating. When these ideologues discover the truth, they usually become the firebrand *against* the very people they've been promoting --and very effectively too in most cases, "converts" usually are-- therefore "the state" usually finishes them off too!
The vaccine promoters have made no effort to pick and choose who gets the time bomb in a needle: Doubters or fanatics to the cause. With the exception of the Elites "in the know", in the Deep State; they'll just have to wait a little longer to get their turn "on the wall".
Thank you for posting!
I've reposted the link to Gab. :)

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Game Changers
Game Changers 6 days ago

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Jimmieahh 6 days ago

Shared to f4asocial

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