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They Are Coming For Us.

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 141 Views
Published on 14 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

In this episode of The Silent War, the communist lynch mob is coming after all of us, even our president and our children. More evidence coming out about the storming of the DC Capitol and false flag provocateurs. DC Attorney General looking into arresting President Trump and his supporters.

A lot of happenings in the background as President Trump stands confident.

It’s not over yet!!!

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Puppykisser 1 month ago

Come on Dustin! This is theater! I don’t fully know how all this time line thing works, but I’ve seen things that make no sense whatsoever. I’ve seen more ridiculous predictable events from the Simpson’s no less. Now add all the Bad Actors taking their role. These are what.. just strange coincidences? I’ve lived long enough to know this is a horse of a different color. I am as relaxed as I can be... we already know the devil likes it hot, so once this show is over we can move forward with our President... President Trump. I believe you are knowledgeable in these events. This isn’t happening by accident.... all the worlds a stage. Only this time God was called upon. God answered and chose Trump . The minions were terrified from day one and for good reason. Nothing can stop what is happening right now. This is God’s will for America that will spread throughout the world. And if you don’t realize that it can only be one of two things....

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