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They Actually Continued William Cooper-s Efforts With a Hour of the Time(HOTT) Skills and Research Conference 2009 Promo

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Published on 14 May 2022 / In People and Blogs

HOTT Source:

In my 2002 CDs that I handed out free to the dumbed-down Canadian people: I was promoting awareness of political-corruption in the federal-government not knowing that Freemasons were the sheepdogs messing up the politics on purpose... by agenda of the ancient Homo capensis. Cooper realized that the technology in the hands of Freemasons is beyond normal development of a civilization so he assumed that "aliens" from outer-space must be true, but they are not.
Cooper later realized that outer-space aliens were fabricated by Freemason military fake-documents that he read and believed at that time.

Aliens are a smokescreen to help the Freemasons hide their ancient Homo capensis masters and help them extinct Homo sapiens... yes, their "Death Cult", 322, "skull-n-bones" club is designed to destroy the spiritual advancement of mankind... just like Homo capensis hindered their own spiritual advancement.
The Freemasons are dilution-all to think that they have "evolved" committing to a brainchip-hivemind. Instead, the Freemasons and other thUgs are destroying their spiritual eternal-validity which all souls already possess. You see, "the stupid" are the chosen minions who advance to higher degrees of Freemasonry because they cannot see through the brainwashing with lies from their ancient-masters. This is why Homo capensis chose the Aryan spiritual-morons as their chosen suicidal-minions. Now, back to the video.

This type of conference is likely still going on, but they keep it quiet because they like a smaller group.
Every community needs to defy the Luciferian takeover of the world using their A.i.-hivemind of Freemasonry.
Every community should arrange and host their own HOTT Skills and Research Conferences in memory of William Cooper's warnings that have come to pass and the great culling of the "profane sheeple" has begun... just like Cooper discovered and exposed in the Freemason's documentation.

Cooper was not predicting... he was exposing the Freemasonic/Luciferian agenda to slaughter all non-Cult people before they upload-suicide the last of Homo sapiens... themselves.

Cooper did not know about Homo capensis, but he did figure out that the outer-space aliens were a hoax

Come to this year's conference and learn how to survive an emergency in an urban environment!
This year's lectures will include the following :
Intelligence gathering controlled environments and in the field
PSYOPS Psychological Operations
Communications Lo-tech to Hi-tech
Safe Rooms construction and use
Urban Environment SERE Survival Evasion Resistance Escape
Movement and negotiating obstacles in a collapsed urban environment
Alternative energy User built, small scale power generation
Water and food procurement, storage and securing
Sanitation practical hygiene conerns
Heating and cooking alternative indoor and outdoor in an urban environment
Hazard identification and mitigation Marauders, pests, disease, refugee status
Air purification and filtering stationary and protable
Cache food, medical and other goods for future use
Ammunition Reloading
And finally, User created and home-made tools for defense

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