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They're coming for the jabbed, they want their money and soul, its time they woke up before they die

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 327 Views
Published on 13 Sep 2021 / In Film and Animation

They're coming for the jabbed, they want their money and soul, its time they woke up before they die

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, how can we save this world if the Google and the Duckduckgo won’t even show when we are Blown up in the USA!!!! Now Now…. Listen to me well Lokiu, this place is a MEMORY of whom done what, and it don’t matter what happens to you and me because we have made our Choice too Trust in the Spirits: while the Mindless [Masses] Qballs~ /_\ chose MENTICIDE for the Wide Path of MATERIALISM…….,

and this is why the Many were said by {Christ Jesus 1.0} +=+ over 2,000 years ago that the Many Medicated Militant People of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere shalt not choose the NARROW PATH of Honesty on all matters, but CHOOSE to dammed themselves Male and Female Child to Grown too go to the Real Hell of Hades……..., and we are only here if we actually have the REAL Holy Water Spirit too be Watchers…

Be grateful that You’m can see WE ARE in Purgatory…….., and that Purgatory will be Purgatory…

This world is a (wonderful place) [{**}} with NATURE, and Our Father Earth under OUR Mother Heaven, but it is still only a Recreation of what “happened” to our REAL Celestial Sphere Home World that is the Dead Moon we call La La~ in the Night and Day of Light and Shade Skies from the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament Jewish Gospel…

It is not my wish to see anyone hurt, but I AM not the God of this Reality, I was only chosen by the Source of All Creation, and All Destruction that I will “become” the God of the Next Reality at the END OF AN AGE after 2094 C.E., so you must [blend in] /-\ where and when youm must, but you must also embrace all of your emotions and feelings, and live well, so you may die free even if youm die in A Prison, or A Jail, or MENTAL WARD as happened to we all at the end of the MUD FLOOD WARS in 1855 in the Real World our SOULS all actually come from…

In that, we are going to look into some “words” today because WE ARE the Blades of Grass that get BURNED "Alive" in the Book of Revelation just as was done to our Sister Joan of Arc' inside our flesh, and blood, and bones Host Bodies for their THEY LIVE Freemason Lodge members PizzaGATE TEMPLE Blood Sacrificial (Avatars) [{*}] that do so too:

WE ARE do have A more robust “ability” too move around while those Enraptured by THE RAPTURE of these TV Screens and Cell Phone Beams can only do as THEY LIVE are told by this Byzantine Empire called The UNITED NATIONS General Assembly…

And no........... The GOD JANUS ? #of this Reality does not Approve of what these Jesuit Zionist FREE MASON Lodges of INTERNATIONALIST have done to OUR Mother Heaven and OUR Father Earth,

so the Menticide Many shall not be happy when THEY LIVE end up in the REAL Hell of Hades where they will all Cry and Gnash their Teeth that THEY LIVE acted like these MASONS and not like WE ARE of The Society of non-mason like we of Pak-Toe, but THEY LIVE Chose "too be" The Racka in MATHEW 5, and their fate, and luck, and (DESTINY) is now set in stone!!!!



1st Corinthians 13 - John 13:34 - Mathew 28.....

#Goldenrod ?

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