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The Zionist Jews Grand Plan for Stealing Gaza with Max Igan and Sara Westall

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 03 Dec 2023 / In News and Politics

Max Igan joins Sarah Westall to discuss the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank by the most evil & corrupt Israeli government.

The brutal assault on the sweet and innocent Palestinians is the most heinous war-crimes ever committed in our lifetime!

The destruction of Gaza was planned by the deamon filled Zionists, Netanyahu and his accomplices, then perpetuated by lies & deceit of corrupt main stream media; Bibi's big excuse to murder the entire state and race of Palestine via ethnic cleanse.

The kind and amazing Palestinians have NO weapons, NO food, NO water, NO shelter, NO electricity, NO medical aid, and NO bare essentials to survive!

The Palestinains are actually Gods chosen people! Not the fake jews who are filthy Zionist monsters! The world is finally seeing them for the despicable evil bully's that have been abusing Palestinians for 75 years and stealing their land!

There were NO dead babies, except for the babies Israeli soldiers murdered! There were no decapitations except for the thousands and thousands the occupation has been captruring, raping, torturing & murdering for 75 years!

All that Israel accuses Hama of, is what Israeli soldiers and IDF have done to the innocent Palestinian people.

The incompetent Israeli government has committed mass murder (genocide) on tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians.

This topic is near & dear to Max's heart as he's spent much time in Gaza with many friends that lived there, who are now homeless, missing, and others most likey dead!

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Israeli Zionists, Genocide, Ethnic Cleanse, Mass Murder, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity

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