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The Zapruder Film - JFK Movie CLIP (1991)

JamesRoss - 210 Views
Published on 11 Dec 2020 / In People and Blogs

JFK was set up to become President in order to begin the morale subversion of the unsworn populations around the entire world, not just the USA.
JFK was the only Non-Freemason, but he was Catholic unsworn to the Mystery School Cult that serves the Vatican Master-thUgs (the Divining Serpents). The are not really "serpents" nor are they even "shape-shifting reptilians" as David Icke has misled his followers to think and even believe. Those are words of a bamboozling Judas Goat(JG) meant to hinder the unsworn realizing Homo capensis really ruled the Earth before the great ice-ages. Today, just the Remnant-Homo capensis remain and they hate humanity because they could not interbreed with human women and fuck our species out of existence. (chuckle)

The Vatican emperors and popes wore tall crowns and tall mitres to hide their towering skulls. Karen Hudes exposed that they still manipulate humanity from the shadows like Satan... protected by the Mystery School masons cover-ups, mostly, but the entire Cult participate because the ancient-thUgs secretly build-up the masonic-thUgs with unbelievable technology that the unsworn think is magic... Like demon-voices (or Jonathan Kleck's lord-god voice ) in the head and energy-beam skin-tingles that could only come from god-almighty... what a dope just like Vincent Li who took the rap for the "Bus 1170" slaying! They are two examples of brainchipped zombies who "fell for it".

I coined the term Satan-race because there are many of these non-aging hominids due to past ancient genetic manipulation to their own species.

William cooper had interesting things to say that the Zapruder film was manipulated to make it seem that the driver shot JFK, Cooper admitted that the Cult duped him with paperwork while he was still employed by the military... they were testing if Cooper would sell-out his constitution and country... he would not.

Cooper walks all over the hyper-interviewer at Nardwuar where Cooper exposes the JFK film alterations: Cooper was a stable constitutionalist who warned the sworn Mystery School Cult thUg/minions were preparing to push
the unsworn over the cliff if they kept backing-up and never draw a line in the sand. But it is always a bad decision to murder anyone, even in self-defense. Rather undermine their footing by exposing their weaknesses.

Cooper said the Freemasons are dumb followers and this is true... the Ancient Satan-race, Homo capensis makes all their battle-plans against the unsworn, while they hide behind the Mystery School Cult. Cooper was unaware of Homo capensis otherwise he would have exposed that weakness.

The Masons rebuilt the hivemind with all other ss-minions/thUgs. They call it the "Tower-Of-Babel" which connects all of them with a hidden communication network that transmits their thoughts and issues them their commands.
Homo capensis gives them all their orders through the cellular-tower network... satellites cannot monitor the weak computer-brain-interface signals... 5G connects the Elon Musk brainchip to the internet and Cell towers.

Gang-stalkers are brainchipped minions who gave-into the technology rather than commit suicide. Goto

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