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The White Indians of Nivaria Part 1

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Published on 08 Dec 2023 / In Spiritual

Part 2:
"They were virtuous, honest, and brave, and the finest qualities of humanity were found united in them; to wit, magnanimity, skill, courage, athletic powers, strength of soul and of body, pride of character, nobleness of demeanor, a smiling physiognomy, an intelligent mind and patriotic devotedness.”
With this passage, an alert young Canary Island poet named Antonio Viana (1604) recorded his sentiments of the Guanches. A primitive band who once flourished on a rocky volcanic Atlantic island named Tenerife, the last Stone-Age aboriginal settlement of any Indo-European people.
An improbable but true story of white natives living in the wilds of several African islands for thousands of years, this book contains images, symbols, and words that are remnants of an ancient tribal legacy.

Western philosophy with a female-friendly, indigenous flavor and organic green living in its most primal form. The archetypes that the Guanche Indians represent, reveals a divergent cultural evolution with a rich spiritual heritage, and inspires a deeper and more profound reflection on their origins, their existence, and their immortality.

>>"White Indians" ISBN # 978-0-9668898-1-9 Author: Gordon Kennedy
Details of the indigenous white man's world include 13 chapters of hard anthropological science relative to Guanche culture, language, burial, cosmology, and origins; 1 chapter dealing with the Canary Islands as a likely stepping-stone to America by pre-Columbian mariners like the Phoenicians and Sumerians.
Paperback, new- 6"x9" 110 pages, 37 color images 38 b&w images, index, bibliography.
1- Como se llama?

2- Codex Nivaria; The Lost Islands of the
European Mind

3- East Atlantic Isles

4- Cro-Magnon Canariensis; Europe's

5- Who were the Guanches?

6- Mummies

7- Pyramids

8- Solar Theocracy

9- Language

10-Remnants of the Guanche Language

11-Guanche Personal Names

12-The Berbers

13-The Great Western Sea Road

14- Soul and Spirit

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