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THE WASH DAILY with Joey SLLiks CANNABIS NEWS REPORT Hawaii is like "We'd like to be left ALONE-ha!"

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Published on 06 May 2021 / In News and Politics

Tuesday April 27 2021
In today's report

Hawaii is like we are a sovereign high-sland and want to be left alon-ha
Cannabis is safe but the required packaging is killing the Earth
I guess Nebraska Sheriff probably had a cameo in MallRats too

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Hawaii Legislature Seeks Marijuana Exemption From DEA While Senate Requests Legal Psilocybin Plan

The Hawaii legislature has adopted a resolution that asks the state
to seek an exemption from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
stipulating that it is permitted to run its medical cannabis program
without federal interference.

While the House [approved an identical measure last month]( it only [applied]( to that chamber. This separate concurrent [version]( cleared the House first before being adopted in final form by the Senate last week.

The cannabis-focused measure asks the state Health Department to seek
an “exception to regulations” from DEA and to petition for a rulemaking
process that would clarify that state-level legalization is not in
violation of federal drug laws.



Marijuana Packaging Recycling Bill Filed In New York, Days After Legalization Takes Effect

Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy (D) introduced new legislation that would
create a cannabis recycling program to minimize the amount of plastic
pollution generated by the industry.

The bill would “require any lawfully permitted recreational marijuana
retailer to charge a one-dollar deposit on single-use plastic
containers for recreational marijuana products,”

The intent of the proposal, according to a memo from Fahy, is to
resolve an “unfortunate externality of requirements” under the
legalization bill—namely, the mandate that cannabis products are sold in
child-resistant containers.” This causes the marijuana market “to have
an outsized plastics footprint and to become a notable environmental
consideration,” it says.

“The legal cannabis industry in the United States produces about 150
million tons of waste each year. Even when marijuana packaging is
recycled at home, it is often sorted out by recyclers and taken to
landfills,” the memo continues. “While no industry is blameless in the
plastic pollution crisis, New York has a unique opportunity to prevent a
new source of plastic pollution as we consider the legalization of
recreational marijuana.”


Complaint Filed Against Nebraska Sheriff Who Sued To Block Medical Cannabis Initiative

In July 2020, supporters of the initiative, the Nebraska Medical
Cannabis Constitutional Amendment (NMCCA), submitted more than 182,000
signatures to qualify the measure for the state ballot. The following
month, Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen determined that the
initiative had received enough valid signatures and had met the legal
requirements to appear on the ballot for [last year’s general election](

However, Evnen’s [decision was challenged](
by Lancaster County, Nebraska Sheriff Terry Wagner, who filed a lawsuit
to block the initiative from appearing on the ballot on the grounds
that it contained misleading language and failed to meet requirements
that initiatives pertain to a single subject.

The legal [challenge was upheld](
by a vote of 5 to 2 by the Nebraska Supreme Court, which ruled in
September that provisions of the initiative that provided for retail
sales, home cultivation, and other issues were not sufficiently
connected to legalizing the medicinal use of cannabis. The court wrote
in the split decision that the initiative violated constitutional
requirements that initiatives be limited to a single subject and ordered
the measure stripped from the ballot.

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