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The War on White Australia & The Jewish War on White Australia by Brenton Sanderson 2016

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Published on 07 Jun 2024 / In News and Politics

Good coverage of how Rothschild, through his minions (ie Marxists, communists, Neo-cons etc) is attacking Australia. Also some excellent facts about Aborigines, that all Australians should be aware of.
MP3 at my archive and mega
relevant links
AUSTRALIA'S DEFENCE PRIORITIES - a speech NOT given in parliament
Jewish Organised Crime in Australia JOC
The Plot against Australia by Jason Cannon Aug 2022 - The Occidental Observer (TOO)
AUSTRALIA CAPTURED for Israel - Josh Frydenberg's NEVER AGAIN (Ernie Rolando)
The Jewish War on White Australia by Brenton Sanderson (TOO)
Communism In Australia
Rothschilds War manual - The original Protocols 1773
The Great Red Dragon - L B Woolfolk 1889 (How Rothschild took control of USA & Europe & India)
The criminal code of the Jews, according to the Talmud - Philip Berger Benny 1880 JOC
and many more !!! refer to my pdf for all my uploads
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