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The War on the Family Part 1- Muslim Ethics by Sayeed Mahdi Modarresi

Published on 27 Feb 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

The family is the bedrock of society and the building block of mankind. A healthy, loving, and moral family is fundamental to the survival and well being of individuals as well as our race as a whole. To produce a community grounded in divine values, we must begin with the family to protect the individual!

WARNING!!! There are 2 types of Islam, 1) The true Islam based on Arabic version of Quran (Not English or translated version), based on the Prophet Mohammad teaching and his household teaching like Ali and Fatima, 2) A color version of Islam called Salafi Islam, created by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and then later sponsored and supported by Saudi Arabia, Inc. 

Note: The Khazarian Mafia and their puppets in the Vatican (Rome Empire) applied the "Color of" as in Color of Law on almost everything, including the creator's divine messages since Prophet Abraham, Jesus, and till Prophet Mohammad.

ISIS for example is based on Salafi version of Islam that is color of Islam, ISIS invaded Syria, Inc. and Iraq, Inc. between 2010 and 2016 and never came close to the State of Israel, Inc. or invaded any of the corporations around Syria, Inc. or Iraq, Inc. such as Saudi Arabia, Inc., Jordan, Inc, Egypt, Inc. Kuwait, Inc. or Turkey, Inc. ISIS was found in Afghanistan, Inc. Pakistan, Inc. as well. ISIS forces tried to mess with Lebanon, Inc. and with the Islamic Republic of Iran as well but they failed.

Here are the links by WikiPedia which is used by the de facto themselves for all their False narratives created by the criminals who operate corporate governments, including the State of Israel, Inc. and the Evil State of Saudi Arabia, Inc.. The links below is what they say themselves. 

For everyone in here reading, the fact of the matter is, it all started by the Roman/Vatican Criminals when they sponsored the Khazarian Mafia mentality and start to name steal everything including the Judaism (Jewish), Christianity, and Islam identity . 

And for your information, I only knew Islam by the age of 33 years old and I don't care what Shia or Suni means from your perspective, for me it's just a descriptive state. If you call me Suni then I consider myself following the Messenger and his household, and if you want to call me Shia, I again consider myself following the messenger household and his path. The game of Suni and Shia is freakin OVER! 

Read the links below if you are NOT CIA, FBI, or MI6 agent. Read the below information if you are a man / woman with blood in your veins, read the information below and do your own research. Everything below is proven by the criminals themselves before anybody else.

The Khazarian Mafia

Salafi Version of Isalm

ISIS is based on the Salafi version of Islam

Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab

Salafi doctrine fully sponsored and supported by the Saud Royal Family 

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