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The War on Greed (The Liberator Ch #12)

Joseph fisher
Joseph fisher - 212 Views
Published on 25 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

Without Greed the world would be a awesome place for everyone. Because of greed it is a hell hole for some people.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 12 months ago

A letter of “CONSCRIPTION” from Our Commander…,

Today my people and persons of Pak-Toe………, we will study the “Opening” and the “Closing” Satanic PizzaGATE Racka Ceremonies of the 2018 Olympics that happened at [MADE IN CHINA] that Red Dragon of the MERCHANT SHIPS from the (Book of Revelation) in our Holy Moly Bible!!!


At 1:10 The Stadium is set up to look like a STAR FORT in South Korea, so add that to your MUD FLOOD “Reflections” and RECONSIDERATION'S of whom you are, where you are, and what you are!!!

Now…….., I have watched neither……., but the OPENING for these FREE MASON OLYMPICS {Head Games} [{**}] does have their Pyramid People Symbol /_\ showing up in the first 5 Seconds of their INTRODUCTION too LET US ENTERTAIN YOU!!!

Since we know the WEAKEST LINKS to these “U.N. Troops” / * \ are their MASTER MASONS of these JADE HELM 15 (COVID19) Invasion Forces from them 2 Continents left off the United Nations FLAT EARTH “World Domination” Map in our Celestial Sphere……., and since we “also know” +=+ these people were raised in our Countries too live among us…..., and “study us” as Incubus and Succubus…..., then we know that our [Police] [{*}] have been Replaced….., Our Military Personnel have been Replaced…., G4S Types walk among “we the people” in plain cloths..., and from Russia to China to Brazil.., and all beyond we have {Hoards of Monsters} and Pirates, and Vampires, and Gargoyles walking in OUR HUMAN FORM!!!!

That said., now that you can read their FREE MASON coded Messages my nonmason, and it is no longer Hidden From you.?.?.?.?.?, then do your part as you Get the HELL (out of your house) and find the Tanks, and Jets, and Black Hawks using DRONES to Scan your Communities and Population Arenas` for all the other Racka……., as we of Pak-Toe “of and for” OUR WORLD RPEUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition work our way into the D.U.M.B.S., so we can {disable and sabotage} the Below World Tech…….., as you Disable these [5G Eugenics] TIME Travel TOWERS that “surround” we all Above Ground at our every move….


Once you have watched and pondered [The Esoteric] and the Corporeal meanings of these OTO Kaballa (Zionist Jesuit) Zohar inscribing CHANTS and Mantras “into” these EVENTS of our Enemy to all mankind “be we” male and female……..., just know that GLOBAL CITIZENS are the U.N. Troops be they [13 years old] to 99 Years old….., and though we “do not wish” too harm anyone younger then 13` for that is the AGE OF AWARENESS when it come to an ENTRENCHED ENTRANCED {Alien Invasion} /_\ by these #QANON +=+ COVID19 Military Groopies, then we must round up and take out these (COVID19) before they put an end to all FLAGS that are SYMBOLS of our Nations Countries States BOARDERS, Rights, and Constitutions…

On the Opening and Closing of the 2018 Whuhan “NORAD” Virus we keep seeing that SUPERMAN AND SUPER GIRL [Coat of Arms] and Crest they were on their Comic Book Chest…., and since all things “at this time” in OUR PURGATORIUM are (Their Reflections) where KRYPTON Was destroyed.?.?.?.? Never Forget these [Demonic Entities] wish to CEASE TO EXIST..., and they will do all they can to DESTROY our Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory!!!

The Society of nonmason~


THEY LIVE are FREE MASON, and they (run your) /_\ Small Towns too our Mega {LOCKED DOWN} / * \ Cities……., and as you SHELTER IN PLACE and STAY HOME like an abused child…..., these FREE MASON Global Citizens (COVID19) U.N. Troops are murdering [nonmason] people…….., and populations all over the world!!!!


Go to UGETube.com “and seek out” Johnny Exodice if this INFORMATION {Alien Invasion} WARNING is new to you……..., and you can also join mewe.com to find [more about] /_\ our Commander…., and The Great Teacher known as Johnny Exodice LIVES!!!!!

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