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The US Army Fired on 10K WWI Veterans in DC, 1932

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 27 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

In 1924, five years before the decade-long Great Depression, congress enacted the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, a certificate of payment for World War One veterans, not to be redeemed until the end of 20 years!

The onset of the Great Depression saw millions of Americans lose their jobs. By 1932, many of these veterans were stripped of jobs, with no roof over their heads, veterans were desperate for financial assistance, veterans and their families descended upon Washington DC to demonstrate for payment for their services.

Approximately 20,000 converged on Washington. They found support in Congressman Wright Patman who sponsored a bill authorizing the immediate payment of the bonuses, but it was defeated in the Senate in June. The protesters established a Hooverville or shantytown along the banks of the Anacostia River in central Washington.

While many Americans blamed President Herbert Hoover for worsening the Great Depression through inadequate economic policy, on July 28th, he further tanked his reputation by ordering the veterans and their families removed by force from government land.

Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur and his subordinate understudies George S. Patton and Dwight D. Eisenhower led a contingent of 500 infantrymen and 500 cavalrymen, 6 M1917 light tanks and 800 policemen, unleashing tear gas and fire arms on the veteran protestors.

Just as the veterans had endured mustard gas attacks in the trenches of Europe, this time the gassing would be delivered by their own countrymen.
Two veterans would die the next day from gunshot wounds received by over-zealous police officers, while a total of 1,017 veterans and their wives and children would be injured, their dwellings and personal belongings were burned to the ground.

After news of the violence spread throughout the country, this created a national shock; Americans were horrified by the violent treatment applied to these once heroic veterans of World War One and their starving, homeless familes- further eroded Hoover’s image as a compassionate leader, with no chance for reelection.

Three months later, he was voted out of office, replaced by Franklin D. Roosevelt, carrying 42 states and nearly 88 percent of the Electoral vote.

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