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The Toxic Legacy of Glyphosate(RoundUp) with Renowned Author Stephanie Seneff and Gail of Gaia.mp4

Gail of Gaia
Gail of Gaia - 115 Views
Published on 23 Jun 2022 / In Health

Looking for a media editor and logo designer
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED... through volunteerism or financial support
Please help me maintain my channel and the many related expenses. I have covered without charge over the past years but your support now is very important. Thank you to those who are contributing to this ongoing media challenge. In the midst of ruthless censorship and targeting of light workers who have channels I too, have been targeted. I had my computer hacked. I have been doing videos and community radio for years free of charge but can not continue without support. Please contribute/donate to help us to continue to bring you great content and Thank You so much

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Thank you to all who care about these shows. I appreciate you so very much. Be a part of the truth movement today! Help keep this show bringing you information you need to know. Your support is an important part of this grassroots movement. MSM refuses to cover news that matters. A extra special Thank You to my regular supporters...You are the Best! I love you all!

Be it known: All intel and comments are subject to change based on events and ever changing/increasing information drops that may or may not be in agreement with FREE RANGE and/or Gail of Gaia at the time of this presentation. Information is dynamic, cumulative and ever changing. Take what resonates and leave the rest behind.
Please do your own research and use your own discernment. We do our best to present the truth as we know it at the time presented but your due diligence is required as well.

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Gail of Gaia
Gail of Gaia 12 days ago  

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Thank You and Enjoy!!

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