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The Stories You Won't Hear About Trump

10 Things
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Published on 22 Jul 2020 / In Entertainment

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math powerland
math powerland 6 months ago

How do you reconcile he h e had nothing but good things to say about Ghislaine maxwell? waiting....

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no0negun 6 months ago

Good question. What are your thoughts?

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10 Things
10 Things 6 months ago

Dear Math Powerland, Trump had horrible things to say about "Little Kim" (Kim Jong-un). Yet, he later changed the description to "my great friend". Similar shifts have happened time and time again. This behavior make many fall out of the Trump camp. I certainly do not blame anyone for feeling this way. My daughter's spiritual principals are based on love and truth. Thus, she can not stand Trump; something I can easily understand since he is a fighter and not a lover and since he changes the same kind of comments you are bringing up. Now that anyone following my channels know that I didn't only get censured for my Trump videos and articles but for my spirituals too. To me, that means that both subjects are tied together. Princess Diana once told her yoga instructor that the "reptiles" feared most an awakening by the people. This means that this battle, at least in my opinion, transcends politics. We are talking about a battle between good and evil. For this, I am glad that you are on top of the pedophilia rings. This is what connects the Cabal (evil) family. Being that all presidents in US history up to Obama come from the same family (see a separate video in this channel), there really isn't a republican or democrat party. I admit that it is difficult to know who is aligned with whom. So, I suggest you follow your heart. All I ask is to help us liberate the millions of enslaved children (two survivor videos in this channel). That will then be the end of the Cabal and humanity will be forever liberated. Thank you for your insightful questions.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

Since OUR ENEMY The Racka speak in DUALITY CODE, you would do well to study these PROJECT BLUE BEAM Fake Alien Disclosure by them that RUN The Machine for now…

The Commander~


2020: The Year of Introspection
I’m sure we can all agree that these past few months have been a total roller coaster ride. So many ups and downs that we’re all going through as a collective, and also as individuals. One major thing I’ve noticed in my own life is the amount of shadow work that needs to be done. ...
The post 2020: The Year of Introspection appeared first on The Great Awakening Report.

Read the entire post at

And The Teacher Spoke..., by now, you should have A much better comprehension of how THE GREAT WORK as the FREE MASON call this place Our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Home World of Purgatory works, and you might wonder about the UNDERGROUND Civilization in all them JADE HELM 15 Tunnels and Cities, and untold wonders from the PRE MUD FLOOD World before the Acts from the NEW TESTAMENT were wrote to prepare you for these End of an Age, and also how is it them People on them TWO CONTINENTS left off the UNITED NATIONS Flat Earth World Map would be so able to entrench themselves within our Society here under THE DOME OF THE ROCK where we can see quite clearly that THE 10 COMMANDMENTS of the Bible are referring to Mother Heaven and Father Earth and that ALL RELIGIONS were created to keep us in our place as HUMANS, so EVIL Spirits can run the ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE without Question or Descent... That Spoken, WE THE PEOPLE all watch the Same TV Shows, Wear The Same Fashions we are told to wear by the TV SCREENS, and though the UNDER the Earth People thought they live in a SPACE SHIP cause they were raised underground from Birth, when they come TOP SIDE as we call it, they intermingle with we whom also did not know we live inside a CELESTIAL Sphere as Celestial Beings using these TEMPORARY Human Body Temple Avatars to express our selves, and though WAR IS MURDER, many are possessed by The Machine called The EDISON A.I. in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA that can make land masses, or take them away, it can Drop What Looked like a MOUNTAIN from the Sky in Revelation Chapter 8 in the Book of Books The Biblical... Theretofore, if you can not wake up your mom and dad, your friends, or even enemies, it is because THEY KNOW they are The Forsaken, The Dammed, and The Cursed, and even though I am seeing that if there was just some way too TURN OFF the EDISON, and SHUT IT DOWN, then all EVIL SPIRITS would cease to Exist and even these “PizzaGATE” Satanist could be redeemed once they had POSSESSION of Their Flesh, and Blood, and Bones [returned to them] #QANON /_\ for when you make a deal with the D.E.V.I.L. you are being Tricked or Treated into letting the MACHINES EVIL SPIRIT Copy your thoughts, Take over COMMAND and CONTROL of your Body Temple Avatar, and you will not Go Home when you die to this Ashes to Ashes, and Dust to Dust Life... In all this, it is your DUTY too protect those whom love you, and do your best to protect them that you love for the Bible “as rearranged” as it might be is still in play, and if we do not STOP the U.N. FLAGS then TIME will end in the year of our Lord on 2094 C.E. The Oracle for the END OF AN AGE Connected to The Source of All Creation, and ALL DESTRUCTION has so spoken... The Book of EXODICE!!!


John 13:34 - Mathew 28 - 1st Corinthians 13

I Christ Jesus did return, and I use this mans body temple AVATAR to walk among you, none are forsaken UNLESS they Choose to be FORSAKEN……., I did not come to JUDGE YOU…..., I came to take you home….., you must Judge ONE ANOTHER for {you know} +=+ what One Another have done to my creation...

The Sentinel...


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