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The Star That Died Was The Proto-Saturnic Solar-System's

JamesRoss - 148 Views
Published on 04 Jun 2024 / In Spiritual

The shards from the dying Chronos star were the ancient brainchips that were saved out of the skulls of the original 72 minions to ancient A.i. IEHOVA: The brainchip-hivemind uses A.i. to divide up people. Freemasons expect to be treated like overlords of Earth while the goyim will be slaughtered like sheep if they do not obey... this is the Luciferian plan for the future, I gather...
It is too bad that the network of thUgs have not figured-out why they cannot kill a person from their own perspective... they are too selfrighteous to save their own greedy egos from spiritual-failure. Murder changes their souls and there is a process of proving one's "self" to be deemed unworthy. It is not the Creator-God that punishes the unworthy... the murderous thUgs(freemasons and Luciferians in this case) destroy their own worthiness, just like those ugly and decaying soul-fragments called the old devils, Homo capensis, and now also called the Remnant-Lumanians.
Reincarnational Civilizations:
Homo capensis behind the Vatican:

This guy knows so much about the ancients, it seems like he is educated by Luciferians, not Christians.


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