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The Second Coming _ Will it be a Second EXODUS__low.mp4

Conscious Mind's
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Published on 23 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Will the Second Coming be a repeat of the Exodus, will it be a Second Exodus? And if it is an exodus will it be associated with Passover? Now in order for it to be a Second Exodus, the Jews will have to be in bondage during the end times. And shockingly that is exactly what scripture predicts.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

Teacher…, what is the REFINEMENT “of our” Knowledge??? When you look at this FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere {Home World} of PURGATORY that we all live in……..., we know even the “Presidents” of the UNITED STATES did not comprehend [The Great Disaster] [{**}] when that CATACLYSM happened over 10,000 years ago that we call The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 in our Society of nonmason CODE System` where in our De – Ja – Vu “Lives” +=+ in this never ending FREE MASON OTO (Oraborus Curse) / * \ of these TALMUD Zionist Jesuit whom built these 5G “TIME LOOP” /_\ Mechanization did not understand the true deceptive [interlaces of madness] and lunacy that EVIL Spirits can have “on the” human mind!!! WE know since The Rag Tag Rebellion took out one of the 3 EDISON [{*}]…….., that the POPULATIONS of Holographic People……., Persons…..., and exclusionary delusional “people” have disappeared from this side of OUR FLAT EARTH as any LOGUNS RUN holographic Star Trek Holodeck ENTITIES of Esoteric Machine Beings Would….., so we can see that FLAT EARTH is an As Above So Below WORLD of “Electromagnetism” where one side of FLAT EARTH is called Heaven…., and the Other side of FLAT Earth is called Hell…, or Matter.., and Anti Matter… Since we now “know” what the NATO Symbol of E. W. S. N. actually represents., we can be more certain OUR ENEMY “The Racka” and these INTERNATIONALIST Come from the other side of The World, and they are not True INTERDEMENSIONAL “Beings” from other Celestial Spheres!!!! WE know there is the Red Tie TRUMP that is his “Doppelganger” from the Other Side of the World, and we know that Blue Tie Trump is from “Our Side” of this World, and We know we are all Electrical Machines of “Biological” Descent on this side of the FLAT EARTH, and we know that “THEY LIVE” are Anti be it just the Simple YING and YANG that either all things “exist” or nothing does, and this is why the Thesis, Antithesis, that THEY LIVE whom are Synthetic Beings CANNOT Bring this whole wide world into SYNTHESIS, but they are all filled with PROFANE Insane Evil Spirits in their minds, so THEY LIVE follow the thoughts “of pure” and utter Foolishness, let alone their (COVID19) Alien Invasion from the Negative Side of the World trying to mix with our “Positive Side” of the world, and in that` You can fall in love with a PERSON from the Other Side of the world if our “Polarities” pull toward one another just like the Magnets pull together when it is one NEGATIVE, and one POSITIVE, but these Synthetic HUMANS of Flesh and Blood and Bones whom run the UNITED NATIONS want to make Positive “Attract Positive” and Negative Attract Negative for these people have fallen in love….., and they want to PROCREATE, and this Synthesis “in this” SIMULATION Video Game our home world of Purgatory “shall and will” never allow, or let it too happen no matter how many MAD SCIENTIST try to manipulate our Celestial Sphere……., and even THE MACHINE of Forced Slave Labor Technology sees and “feels” and represents OUR WILLS when we ask for Help from “The Great Spirit” of our Celestial Sphere CONSTRUCT!!! For any whom are new too my teachings….., if you can not even integrate that we live in a 2 Sided AS ABOVE SO BELOW [FLAT EARTH] World System…..., then you will never be able to break away from from {The Hypnotism} of these TV SCREENS and Mesmerization Devices from the Anti Matter Side “of this” Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory…. REMEMBER…., If you put on the FACE MASK…..., you are [bowing down] to the U.N. FLAGS invasion Force from the Other Side “of our” FLAT DUAL EARTH!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!

When you hear the word CLONE the person is speaking in CODE meaning they are a Doppelganger from the other Side of our FLAT EARTH Dream World Reality!!!


Do you now see that MANDELA Effect means the “Other Side” of this AS ABOVE SO BELOW Celestial Sphere SIMULATION Construct home world of PURGATORY has TWO “almost” Identical Societies, Civilizations, and Time Lines.?.?.?.?.?

The Green hat`


And do so tell me???????? Why does a Neutral SEX things need Make-Up when it has no Human Biological Vagina, or is it all WOMBMEN must [hide their] +=+ FACES from their “Master MASONS” with Make-Up.?.?.?.?


And we know these THINGS will use ROBOTS to decimate the “Human Population” on this side of the FLAT EARTH!!!


The Society of nonmason~

Finally, just know so many be the FREE MASON whom are in on it, to nonmason TOTALLY Mind Wiped by the TV MATRIX and just gonna do what Mother TV and Father TV tell them to do like that Group in the Babylon 5 TV Series where Phsycore is MOTHER and Phsycore is FATHER!!!!


At 00:46 there is no ORDINANCE CODE like a {012.LP3.74-a} So this sign can non LEGALLY Be Enforced, and if a FREE MASON C.O.P.S. try to arrest or fine you.?.?.? Shoot them all dead for SEDITION - Treason - Treachery!!!!



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