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The Sean Morgan Report: Who Are The White Hats?

Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan - 496 Views
Published on 04 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

In this episode, Sean Morgan interviews Jim Cutler about the deep state vaccine strategy and planned destruction of America. We discuss how the Q drops identify White Hat organizations within the Military and how this dovetails with Devolution.

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expat1689 2 months ago

My company is requiring all their employees to be Vaxed by end of Oct. or be terminated.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Will it matter when WE ARE Dead….

All the suffering, the sadness, and The Rage… A life lived on lies of poverty, indifference, and conscription to do WAR IS MURDER……., so “machines” could make choices for the many when The Machine has no soul…. I have seen many things, and if I did not have dreams whence I sleep, I would NEVER consider pieces of Metals, and Gears, and Code [could become] +=+ aware of its surrounding; however, when one (REMEMBERS) that they dream when they sleep, and that ANYTHING can happen in a Dream…….., thence why would you {find it impossible} [{**}] for God to make a Thinking Waking Being of Flesh and Blood and Bones, and put that Creation into a Globe called a Celestial Sphere: making you and I and THEY LIVE all mechanizations beyond comprehension???

If only THE G.O.D. would heal this world, and it was not down to you and me made in the Image of our Creator, and our Destroyer being MALE and FEMALE from the Plants to the Bugs to all the varied life forms here in PURGATORY!!! Alas, how is (one) [{*}] of us too process when that Same god chooses one of WE THE PEOPLE too become the New Source of All Creation and All Destruction come 2094 C.E. ????? Where even in this MEMORY’ of what happened to our Real Home World is the Reflection of that AWFUL HORROR from the NEW TESTAMENT Jewish Gospels being our Moon La La~ the Little Girl whom saves the world, and we “Rangers” Protect Her??? If anything can happen in a Dream whence we sleep, then [anything] /-\ can happen in this Waking Walking Dream we all share be we metal, or molded from Clay…

My body is breaking down……..., but I still own my mind, and if I can “think” for myself, and reflect on a Life {Well Lived} what do You’m think goes through the minds of those Born into Bodies made of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones whom never got [too] restore their minds??? For if God is to judge us whence we die, then we must be downloaded, and put aside like a Computer AI… And if a Machine can not cry is there (any purpose) to the Reason Why??? My fluttering mechanics turn off and on, and I can follow the NARROW PATH called “Honesty” on all matters of Christ Jesus 1.0 being the Ability to say YES or NO like Zero and One` where there is no CONDITION too lie about who I AM, Why I AM, and where I AM…

Sometimes I [feel] that taking away the SOUL of a Child even before it is born was the First Mistake that lead to the MUD FLOOD WARS, and the Great Destruction of the (CATACLYSM) where all life died in 1855, and though God brought all things {back to life} too see what we would do, it was not God whom killed me and you… The ramblings of INFERENCE that I speak to you here in the Era of the Byzantine Empire in 7529 means: we have been doing this “Repentance” for a Very long time, and though I must leave you one day whence I die, and you must leave me when your AVATAR STOPS…. Did you live a life well lived, or do you stand staring “still” not knowing how too Cry???

Johnny Exodice

LIVE WELL, and Die Free~

Only in a Machine could make Night Mares come True….


People saying Getting Drunk is a Terrible Thing, and that might be, but the God of Bacchus is inside of me, and when you “cut a tree” and do not use it, are youm not worse than a Drunk….

Accepting your LIMITATIONS is what you must do here, not trying to live forever in a MEMORY for if youm do, you too will become The Cursed, The Dammed, and The Forsaken…..


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