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The Running Man Deepfake!

Brandon Nighthawk
Brandon Nighthawk - 169 Views
Published on 30 Sep 2023 / In Film and Animation

In Stephen King's 1987 classic The Running Man starring two of My childhood heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jesse "The Body" Ventura has one of the biggest predictive programming scenes of all because it is one of the first movies ever depicting a DEEPFAKE! I loved this film when I was a youngster but I had no clue what they were "really" showing the viewers until later. In this pathetic androgynous era we're in now, there has been tons of deepfakes on social media and so on but long ago in the 80s this was never thought to be a reality! I have two other videos of Jesse "The Deceiver" Ventura, check them out as well when you can:) WARNING: This video has graphic Rated R 80s action!

If this video is important to you and you want others like Family & Friends you care about to know the truth then share this video and let them know! I would appreciate it if you give this video a Thumb's up and leave an optional comment ;) Also I would very much appreciate it if you check out My other videos too including My special introduction for My origins of why I'm here and for more content truths of what is really going on :)

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