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The REAL Reason why EGG PRICES are RISING (and how we fix it)

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Published on 19 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

Egg prices keep increasing. The price of eggs has got to be very expensive and egg shortages are not helping. Inflation is part of this problem but the main reason being the AVIAN FLU (Bird Flu).

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Mad Skills
Mad Skills 3 days ago

Love my eggs! Prices are insane, just like everything else.... thank you current administration

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Shark Chaser
Shark Chaser 3 days ago

Inflation is a big contributor of the higher prices as feed, etc costs more, but maybe also in part due to higher demand. I know I rarely buy meat anymore due to the high prices, so I am eating more eggs as a cheaper source of protein.... demand goes up, prices go up.

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dandy74 5 days ago

great video! I had chickens before, but had to lose them with my military moves. Hoping to start again this spring maybe. Any tips?

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gonana3 7 days ago

Their doing it bozo the injected will die the government is at war with you they want 90% of us dead

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WilD0n3 9 days ago

It is important to be able to feed yourself, growing a garden and getting chickens is so important.

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