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The Real Numbers Are Staggering

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Published on 30 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Sons Of Liberty - Bradlee Dean - 2023-03-29 - Wednesday - The Real Numbers Are Staggering

Unthinkable: Pedophile Who Identifies As Baby Girl Breaks Into Daycare

“You cannot make these crimes up.”

I knew back in 2005 when the government, along with the mainstream media, began to push the illegal, sodomite agenda that this was going to go beyond the limits of what the people would expect of these said victims. I say victims because the government, who is sponsoring these criminals, is hoping that the American people will give them a pass when they commit their crimes against the innocent (Proverbs 17:15).

What’s worse than all of this is that they actually want you to believe that because they just can’t help themselves. Never fall into the error that moral inability will be an excuse for transgressing the law (Exodus 20). Man’s inability is not the kind that removes responsibility. Friends, sin is moral, not physical (1 John 3:40).

Taking it another step into the mind and actions of a government sponsored criminal, News Punch reported Pedophile Who Identities As Baby Girl Caught Breaking Into Daycare.

A New York pedophile, who identifies as a baby girl, has been arrested after repeatedly trying to break into a day care center, according to reports.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office announced that they arrested 65-year-old Daniel Seeler on February 18 after he broke into Inspire! Learning and Childcare in Clarkson. reports:

The director of the center told officials that the incidents began when an employee found $120 and a note, allegedly from Seeler, asking if the day care had any adult-sized diapers and if they would “play along” with him, according to the report. Day care staff found $200 and a similar note the following week. After the first incident, the director had a surveillance camera installed and notified law enforcement.

The surveillance system alerted staff on February 11 of suspicious activity at the center. The director said when she arrived, she found more money and another note, and someone had rifled through the diaper bin.

“The director said the note included sizes for pants, shoes, bras and dresses, with the man indicating he liked to play as a baby girl and called himself ‘Baby Danielle,’” according to the report.
The next Saturday, the surveillance system alerted staff again. The director called 911 and saw video allegedly showing Seeler “playing with diapers and piecing them together to make a bigger one,” the report states.

“She said the man went into the bathroom, pulled his pants down, put the diaper on and then put his pants over it before running out of the building,” according to the report. “She said she later found someone drank half of a bottle of formula, used a bib and stole three diapers.”

Seeler admitted to breaking into the day care and said he was working through addiction, according to police. He is facing charges of burglary and petit larceny and was released from jail on an appearance ticket.

“Tony D’Agostino, the daycare’s owner, said Seeler was not known to staff members. D’Agostino said the daycare is cooperating with the investigation and is focused on the children’s safety. He said the center has made changes to increase security, including door locks,” the report states.

Conclusion: People still have not understood that these criminals thrive on the fact that most believe that these criminals are not capable of the crimes that they commit. As you can see, that is how they get away with it! Mercy to the wicked is cruelty to the innocent (Isaiah 5:20)!


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