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The Quantum Ai - Enemies at the Gateway - A Theoretical Invasion Discussion

Tessa Cunningham
Tessa Cunningham - 45 Views
Published on 19 Oct 2020 / In People and Blogs

This reports shows and discusses various coded observations involving the mega-ritual numbers and enigmatic numbers found in the spelling of CERN. Other contributing coded elements will show a number of observations that warrants this lengthy theoretical discussion involving multiple subjects and the mega-ritual numbers and the many ongoing new world order elements that potentially involves CERN and the use of secret science that is being secretly used to pursue the God Particle for reasons that potentially could prove that other or multiple dimensions exist.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CERNMrCati mailing address:

2801 Richmond Rd. Box #39
Texarkana, TX 75503

Music: Twilight Train, by Dan Lebowitz, Courtesy of YouTube Audio Library

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