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The NWO Normal Keeps Marching on with Censorship, Black Bagging and Orchestrated Famines.

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 200 Views
Published on 26 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

Lawsuit Against Google & YouTube For Foreign Interference & Free Speech Violations

The U.S Constitution & Amendments:The Bill of Rights

Protection Against Tyrannical Government

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 29 days ago

I have lived long enough “too see” through all the lies

If this place was not PURGATORY that we are all born into called Planet Earth: our Celestial Sphere Duel FLAT EARTH, there would be “some” Honesty in this World of Madness, and regardless of this man made invention called the UNITED NATIONS, there would be Leaders of Countries, and States that would say: The FREE MASON Lodges “faked” the moon landings cause they had a 500 year old Agenda too protect their FAKE SPACE Collage [Councils] @QBALL /_\ where the Academy of Sciences was always a POLITICAL PARTY unto it self’ just as every DENOMINATION of every Religion from Shea to Shiva is like the Jews, and the Buddhist, and The Christians from the Mormons to the Catholics where each “Denomination” is a Dogma, and Political Agenda for a Way into Heaven when they all are as lost as that one Sheep Christ Jesus could “never” find and bring home…

Are you a LOST BOY, or a LOST GIRL where “everything” on TV makes no sense as you have been taken from your friends??? Think of Last Year in 2019 A.D. when you went to Baseball Games, and School Class Rooms, and Clubs to Lakes, and Oceans, and Walks in the Mountains??? Moreover, In under just 5 months: every CORPORATION in every Nation turned against WE their EMPLOYEES, and they all began to chant the same “invocation” that the Common Cold known as CORONA was now to be called this MASTER MASON World Domination Plot of (covid19) where QANON would be the TROJAN HORSE to Trick or Treat “the many” into doing WAR IS MURDER with MADE IN CHINA, and yet even now 8 months later of LOCK DOWNS by {U.N. Troops} all these Face Mask are still MADE IN CHINA from India too Bangladesh.?.?.? And in the USA, the Military Communications are also MADE IN CHINA for they belong to the U.N. World Military Empire known as this {NEWS} World Order!!!

There is a movement called The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and we have A Commander, and A Sentinel that Prove we are in Purgatory, and that we are “reliving” the LIVES of a People gone insane whom enjoyed murdering their fellow humans in a GAME called WAR IS MURDER where if you did not have the SAME FLAG as my Country, I was allowed to Predator Drone Bomb “your” People into Oblivion, and as long as I called the Dead Children, and their Moms, and Dads Collateral “Damage” it was no longer considered MURDER of my fellow human beings.?.?.? Even more astounding, there are these things called HOLLY DAYS where [every year] +=+ the People REPEAT THEIR RITUALS of Halloween – Christmas – Valentines – Easter, and they do this over, and over, and over till they die???? Be it in WAR IS MURDER…., or as “people” whom become things known as WAR HEROES, and can say to their Fellow Humans: I Murder WE THE PEOPLE [for pay] / * \ called BLOOD MONEY!!!

It is for this reason, I know we are “all born” into the Purgatorial, and that the many are already damned, and cursed, and forsaken to the Gods and Goddesses they say “they” do so WORSHIP for why would any God be they an Angel, or A Demon care about “you” when you are so pitiful, you have too BEG, and Plead, and Say: LORD FORGIVE ME I have Murdered my Fellow Man!!!!??? If you do not know what is Evil and What is Good, then you must have just been Born DEFECTIVE: cause you are never too leave PURGATORY……., and so I do not care how many FACE MASK you put on, you are unable to see through the ILLUSION…….., and the “Delusion” of Watching TV as your Only Source of Salvation while people like me know THE WAY out of this place whence we die’ while you O.T.O. Jesuit Zionist Kabbalah Zohar “Wicca” MASONS will repeat your lives for [all time] in your OROBORUS Curse of De-Ja-Vu that you continually bring onto your selves’ by your actions, and your RITUALISTIC behaviors…

Johnny Exodice


Once everything in the NEW TESTAMENT has been fulfilled, you will know I Christ Jesus did so too RETURN……..., and I did walk “among you” in the Flesh..., and Blood.., and Bones., and while many did all I asked in John 13:34, the many be they FREE MASON or not’ did not do the Will of my Mother Heaven the DOME OF THE ROCK, nor the Will of my FATHER {Flat Earth} on Either Side of this Celestial Sphere Simulation of Redemption, Reconsideration, Reconciliation, or Damnation for the CHOICES you’m have made with your “life walk” since the day you were old enough too know the Difference between Kindness……, and Cruelty…..

The Society of nonmason~


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