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The Meaning Behind “Vaccine” Lots, not isolated viruses & many more – Webinar

Slawomir Slowianin
Slawomir Slowianin - 119 Views
Published on 08 Jan 2022 / In Health

The Meaning Behind “Vaccine” Lots, not isolated viruses & many more – Webinar

Dr Cowan: “In this webinar, I discussed the meaning behind the “COVID vaccine” lots. My presentation references the research outlined in this video:
I also held a Q+A session; topics include:
- What causes neuropathy?
- Genetic disorders vs. “field” disorders
- The meaning behind the timeframe for boosters when compared to other vaccines
- Urine therapy
- How does the analemma water wand change the water?
- Optimal lard and tallow consumption during the winter
- Why do we have 23 chromosomes?
- Iodine dosage
- Treatment for reoccurring boils on the skin
- Pumpkin and Fluffy update
- Treatment for flaky skin
- How to check pH
- Opinion on cell salts”

You're a good man Tom. Keep bringing us the truth. The body and consciousness are self regulating.
Put the right stuff in, get the right condition out.

|”We know from nurse whistleblowers that there are four strengths of jab, because after all this is a dosing trial: 0, 10, 20, 30. So we don't know that the contents of hot lots were DIFFERENT or merely a different dose. Given the toxicity of graphene oxide, it is possible and my guess is GO was higher in hotter lots.

PLUS: We have deaths now attributed to COVID that are jab injuries. So we don't even have clear and true data here. Important to keep in mind.

Estimates of VAERS at 1% of true figures, which is more than reasonable and still probably off by a factor of 10 or 100 due to the unique nature of this campaign, show 200,000 true deaths plus 100M true severe injuries. That is about 50% of getting screwed by the jab if say 2/3 of people are jabbed (200M+).

The hot lot story is sketchy and covers up the wider-spread fact of death and severe injury. 4.5% of death vs. 50% chance of getting severely screwed (permanent injury) including dying. It appears to me that the hot lot story is meant to minimize risk of death and make death seem like an anomaly in SOME batches. BS.

Just observationally, death is massively higher and also what we know about GO is that it is very toxic when COMPUTER PARTS ARE INJECTED INTO YOUR BODY” - EndtheFeds


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proudusagirl01 15 days ago

Ivermectin help reduce the severity of vaccine adverse reactions. If someone is suffering from a post vaccine syndrome, FLCCC clinicians and a growing network of colleagues have reported significant clinical responses to ivermectin. Because Ivermectin has 5 different mechanisms of action against coronaviruses, the medication is also effective with the different variants of the virus. Get your Ivermectin while you still can!

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