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The Mark of the Beast

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 10 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

The Book of Revelation tells us that the nations of the world won’t be conquered by military might but by a catastrophic global financial meltdown. The cost of being rescued will be to take the Mark of the Beast.

Such a result doesn’t come about overnight and requires much planning. Pastor John shares insights from a secretive document that is more than one hundred years old and lays out detailed plans of the Antichrist’s rise to power. This diabolical text discusses creating a global financial crisis, promoting greed in stock market speculation, using the environment to tie up economic development, destroying personal initiative, ruining the industrial base, flooding the world with pornography, using antisemitism to corral Jewish people into submission to their leaders, re-writing history, deceiving the working class and controlling the media.

That may sound inconceivable but history has shown that someone is indeed following this satanic inspired game plan. The roar of a world financial crisis is getting louder and we are just around the corner from the birth of the Antichrist regime and the beginning of the tribulation period.
Sermon Outline:

RLJ-1311 -- OCTOBER 9, 2011
The Mark of the Beast

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