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The Key to Wealth and Abundance: Your Intuition | Sonia Choquette

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 14 Apr 2023 / In News and Politics

Do you know your superpower to find wealth and abundance? Here's how to use your sixth sense for a rich life - your intuition!
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Did you know your vibe, your sixth sense, your intuition is a superpower that is specifically designed to make you money? It is designed to make you money, among many other things, and more specifically to make you rich, because it is a tool for you to use in your life, which is soul school. And the class in this lifetime is simply: How good can you stand it? If we are here for any reason, it’s to have a rich, abundant, and joyful experience. This is the final Part 3 of a 3-part series on how to find your pot of gold, get your flow of money and abundance and bring your life the richness, the wealth, the abundance that you deeply know is possible for you!

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Sonia Choquette is a globally celebrated and dynamic spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, enchanting storyteller, and transformational visionary guide, known for her delightful humor and skill in quickly shifting people out of difficulty and into flow. She is the author of 19 international bestselling books on intuitive awakening, personal growth, creativity, and transformational leadership including the New York Times bestseller "The Answer is Simple."

Sonia is inspiring a global conscious movement around the truth that "We, as humans, are Divine Beings endowed with SIX senses to guide us through life" and insists that we must activate and rely on our innate sixth sense in order to make the most authentic, well-informed, healthy, and soul satisfying decisions possible.

00:00 Do you know your money-making superpower?
02:05 Life is soul school, Intuition is your guide
03:53 What your 6th sense does
05:45 What your ego mind does
07:46 The reasons you might be not be abundant
09:26 How to live a good life
11:38 How to hear your intuition
14:50 The Abundance series

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