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The Hymns of Orpheus - Thomas Taylor - Full Audiobook

spirit warrior of the mist man
Published on 31 Mar 2023 / In Science

A Dissertation on the Life and Theology of Orpheus

00:00:00 - Section I
00:00:00 - Section II
00:00:00 - Section III

The Initiations of Orpheus

To Musæus

I. To the Goddess Prothyræa
II. To Night
III: To Heaven
IV: To Fire
V. To Protogonus, Or the First-Born
VI: To The Stars
VII: To The Sun
VIII: To The Moon
IX: To Nature
X: To Pan
XI: To Hercules
XII: To Saturn
XIII: To Rhea
XIV: To Jupiter
XV: To Juno
XVI: To Neptune
XVII: To Pluto
XVIII: To Thundring Jove
XIX: To Jove, as the Author of Lightning
XX: To the Clouds
XXI: To the Sea, or Tethys
XXII: To Nereus
XXIII: To the Nereids
XXIV: To Proteus
XXV: To the Earth
XXVI: To The Mother of the Gods
XXVII: To Mercury
XXVIII: To Proserpine
XXIX: To Bacchus
XXX: To the Curetes
XXXI. To Pallas
XXXII: To Victory
XXXIII: To Apollo
XXXIV: To Latona
XXXV: To Diana
XXXVI: To The Titans
XXXVII: To the Curetes
XXXVIII: To Corybas
XXXIX: To Ceres
XL. To The Ceralian Mother
XLI: To Mises
XLII: To the Seasons
XLIII: To Semele
XLIV: To Dionysius Bassareus Triennalis
XLV: To Liknitus Bacchus
XLVI: To Bacchus Pericionius
XVLII: To Sabasius
XLIX: To Lysius Lenæus
L: To the Nymphs
LI: To Trietericus
LII: To Amphietus Bacchus
LIII: To Silenus, Satyrus, and the Priestesses of Bacchus
LIV: To Venus
LV: To Adonis
LVI: To the Terrestrial Hermes
LVII: To Cupid, or Love
LVIII: To The Fates
LIX: To the Graces
LX: To Nemesis
LXI: To Justice
LXII: To Equity
LXIV: To Mars
LXV: To Vulcan
LXVI: To Esculapius
LXVII: To Health
LXVIII: To The Furies
LXIX: To The Furies
LXX: To Melinoe
LXXI. To Fortune
LXXII: To the Dæmon, or Genius
LXXIII: To Leucothea
LXXIV: To Palæmon
LXXV: To the Muses
LXXVI: To Mnemosyne, or the Goddess of Memory
LXXVII: To Aurora
LXXVIII: To Themis
LXXIX: To the North Wind
LXXX: To The West Wind
LXXXI: To the South Wind
LXXXII: To Ocean
LXXXIV: To Sleep
LXXXV: To the Divinity of Dreams
LXXXVI: To Death

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