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The Grand Plan & The Congress Of Vienna

His Story
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Published on 16 Feb 2022 / In Spiritual

The Congress Of Vienna: The Illuminati Plan To Enslave Humanity

The Papacy, The Roman Catholic Church, the Black Nobility (called so because they’re hidden and have a dark purpose, not because they’re “black people” as so many have lately been saying) as well as the old monarchical powers (Kings and Queens of Europe), decided they didn’t like free republics and free people everywhere making their own decisions about their countries and acting on rights of self determination. So they held a series of meetings to figure out how to end freedom in general as well as all free republics and popular governments on earth. They swore to bring them down and back under their subjugation.
In 1815 at the Congress Of Vienna the high-governing bodies, ie. the monarchical powers of Europe and the Papacy (Jesuit Rome) divided up the “cake” of the earth for rulership. They swore to destroy any democratically elected or popularly controlled governments, to reinstitute monarchy or tyranny, whichever is easiest in any locale, and to return all nations and people to (what they call) their rightful place, subjects of the Roman Catholic Church and Papal authority.

Later, the mainstream narrative for the purpose of the councils were said to be the negotiation of peace in Europe after the Napoleonic wars! But the truth is that Napoleon was their creation! A character made, molded and fit for their purposes, just like we’ve seen them do with other dictators and rulers like: Hitler, Saddam, Osama, DJ Trump.., I could go on and on.
History is written by the victors and it’s *always* reversed.
The Napoleonic wars served several purposes, they ended the Austrian Hungarian empire of grand tartary and the hapsburg dynasty. And, they brought all the peoples of Europe under one authority.. The R.C.C.

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Suzanne Anon
Suzanne Anon 2 years ago

A point of clarification is in order here. NOWHERE is there ANY evidence that Hitler targeted the Jews.’ But there exists VOLUMES of evidence that he sought to ERADICATE MARXISTS/COMMUNISTS. Now, if it turned out that A LOT OF MARXISTS & COMMUNISTS JEWE JEWS, WHISE ‘FAULT’’ IS THAT?? Surely NOT the fault of the Germans!!

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