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The Golden Secret Society With a Black Soul That Rules the World

His Story
His Story - 36,455 Views
Published on 10 Nov 2021 / In Hobby

This Secret Society, The People of the Eye, Run the World. They Include Rulers, Popes, And Influential people in all walks of life and backgrounds. Even Dr Fauci the Fraud is one of them

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martinek143 2 years ago

All this coming from a guy who keeps one eye covered with his hair? Controlled opposition? Hmmmm. Believe what is said but don't believe this dude is of Jesus.

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His Story
His Story 2 years ago

The information is very revealing. He probably was an insider.

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atlantisjoe 2 years ago

God Bless You, and thank you.

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robbyrick77 2 years ago

Excellent and very informative video, with a beautiful finish. May our Lord Jesus bless you, keep you, make His face to shine upon you, be gracious unto you and give you peace.

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tanmara 2 years ago

I do believe what you are saying. I do believe we are in the chastisements. I do believe that the evil freemasons are going to be wiped out to the very last one of them by God. Whether I get to survive this era or not, every freemason who does not repent of their sins WILL go to see their false maker, and will wish that they had never followed the ways of their false maker. Yes, the devil exists, and yes, it appears that he is winning for the moment, but Jesus will do what is necessary to save as many as He can in the Final Chastisement when He wipes out freemasons from this world. P.S.: You have to get yourself a purple scapular: Read about Marie Julie Jahenny. She has the foreplan of these times that was given to her by Jesus, Mary and Saint Michael. You will not be sorry that you read about her. The purple scapular will protect you in these time, and the promises given to those who wear it or have it are amazing. Please get it for yourself. You have done a great service for our Lord Jesus Christ in putting yourself on the front lines of His army, now stay alive with confidence in wearing His Purple Scapular that was designed for people like you. God bless you

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oldmano 2 years ago

Thank you.

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