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The Gift of Prophecy – Radio Classic – Dr. Charles Stanley – Power of the Holy Spirit - Part 4

Voice from Heaven
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Published on 22 May 2024 / In Spiritual

Prophecy is often thought about as 'foretelling the future', but in actuality is 'forth-telling'. Prophets are those who are used by God to speak the truth. The gift of prophecy is the same-those with this gift often speak truth as they confront evil, many times revealing the character and motives of others. Find out if you have this gift in The Gift of Prophecy.

This message is part of the series "Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit."

Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit
CD Series:
Part 1: The Promise of the Father -
Part 2: Mission of the Spirit -
Part 3: The Gifts of the Spirit -
Part 4: The Gift of Prophecy
Part 5: The Gift of Service
Part 6: The Gift of Teaching
Part 7: The Gift of Exhortation
Part 8: The Gift of Giving
Part 9: The Gift of Organization
Part 10: The Gift of Mercy

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