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The Game Theory of Trust: Is Robert Malone "The Science?" - Rounding The Earth with Mathew Crawford

Belfrey - 324 Views
Published on 25 Apr 2023 / In Health

Rounding The Earth with Mathew Crawford Channel:

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truthtower 5 months ago

Industrialization of basic sustenance has led to centralization of control. It would have been impossible to visit every chicken farmer and strong-arm him out of production. BUT! If you quietly, slowly and consistently gather the majority of chicken producers under one sinister umbrella with slavery-based domination as the goal....... How much easier is it now?
What the psychopaths tell you to do and what you ACTUALLY DO....... Don't have to be the same thing. They say you can't raise chickens and have your own eggs at home? OK! SURE! WHATEVER YOU SAY! meanwhile...... the backyard is literally OVERRUN with EGG-BEARING CHICKENS! Return to that which you ASK ALMIGHTY GOD FOR(your own food, trade skills, building your own home, etc) rather than continuing down a road that keeps you asking ALMIGHTY GOD TO RID YOU OF(PSYCHOPATHS, PEDOPHILES, DEVIL SCOUTS,etc). That only happens when you stop depending on PEOPLE so much.
Good Post, Bel

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